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6 weeks scan with two different sized sacs?

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JavaFee Wed 30-Dec-15 12:38:03

I had my first scan today at 6 weeks. One amniotic sac was clearly visible with a foetus in it - but next to it, to my horror, the doctor spotted another black dot, about half the diameter of the first one, seemingly empty. He said the pregnancy was most likely single but I would have to wait till the next scan ( in 2 weeks ) to be sure. Ah, and there was a large cyst visible as well that he said was normal and nothing to worry about.
I do not know how I am going to survive the next two weeks. It took me a long time to persuade my partner to even think about a second child, but twins? It would be a disaster. Has any of you experienced a scan like that? What was the outcome? Could it be a vanishing twin?? Thanks in advance for any input.

JavaFee Wed 30-Dec-15 12:46:28

So far my symptoms are:
- some pressure in the lower abdomen
- very mild nausea ( usually in the afternoon)
- my HPT result was clearly positive at 37 days

Ikeatears Wed 30-Dec-15 12:52:22

I know a couple of people this happened to. Both times, the other sac had disappeared by the next scan.

AndNowItsSeven Wed 30-Dec-15 12:54:03

I don't understand your post are you are saying that you hope your second twin is not viable?

JavaFee Wed 30-Dec-15 13:05:23

I know it may sound horrible to many but yes I am hoping it is a single pregnancy.

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