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Harmony Test - Looking for support whilst waiting the 10 days for my result!

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Lucyflora Thu 26-Nov-15 12:46:19

Hi, I just thought I'd start a new thread as a lot are now out of date. Is anyone else in the same boat as me?

I've had a Harmony test for Downs Syndrome yesterday (I'm 13 weeks pregnant) and am aware that the result can take as long as 10 or 11 working days. I just can't relax at all and it's constantly on my mind.

We got the test as our combined test at NHS hospital were 1/93= High risk. This was mainly from bloods as the scan was showing baby to be fine. It's just such an awful wait and I cant help but worry terribly that I'll be unlucky and get a bad result. Just need some hand holding!xx

tractorgirl123 Fri 27-Nov-15 18:28:46

I got 1 in 80 risk from my tests, think it was because my hormone levels were really high, I had a big panic and lots of worrying. We had the harmony test done and got low risk back 1/10,000. It's hard not to worry but positive thinking and trying to forget about it is the best way, it will be back before you know it. You can't change it by worrying, save the energy, you'll need it later on (I'm now 31 weeks and running out of it!)

Lucyflora Sat 28-Nov-15 09:05:06

Thanks for the reassurance...I've read so many stories like yours so I'm hoping I'll be the same. If I am pregnant again in the future I'll just be getting the harmony test and I'll skip the NHS one I think- from what I can see it worries so many people and on the whole it's unnecessary worry. I know someone who was given a 1:2 chance of downs with NHS and their baby was born absolutely fine. Likewise I've seen posts where people have been given 1:1500 and the babies been born with Down's...just seems like such a useless test to me. Thanks again tractorgirl123

BettyBi0 Sun 29-Nov-15 12:46:53

I hope the time goes quickly for you. I went for the Harmony privately at 10+6 and was bloomin glad as my NHS nuchal scan at 12+5 came back as 1:44 risk. I only had to wait 24 hours for my result from that point thank goodness. That was hard enough. I really feel for you having 10 days to get through.

I know it's only numbers but what helped me was thinking my 1:44 was actually a 97.7% chance of all being well. So your odds are even better at 98.9%.

Apparently false high risk results from the standard NHS triple test are much more likely from people where the hormone levels are what ups the odds rather than the NT measurement and soft markers.

Did your Dr give any other indication as to why your hormones might be off? My hcg was 4.5 MoM which was what threw my risk ratio but I found it really hard to get any explanation as to why it might have been so off the scale.

Lucyflora Sun 29-Nov-15 16:24:24

Hi thanks for your response smile oh I wish I only had to wait 24 hrs. Although that would be bad enough.

Yes when you actually work it out as a percentage it seems ridiculous that the NHS call it "high risk" doesn't it! To be honest when the doctor phoned to tell me my result she didn't elaborate at all into what had contributed to the result or what the reasons could be (other that downs)...i suppose I could always phone up and ask her to go through the results. At the time I was so shocked and focused on what would be the next step.

I should get my results from mid week so hopefully only a few more days of waiting. Dreading the phone call but also longing for the time to go. sad

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