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Downs odds 40 yrs old

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milkyman Mon 21-Sep-15 08:59:14

I am 40, dont drink or smoke. What could my potential odds be of downs?

cloudjumper Tue 22-Sep-15 13:31:35

It depends on where you look, but your age-related risk for Downs will be in the region of 1:100. However, if you decide to have the combined screening (nuchal fold plus bloods), this will be adjusted.

EldonAve Wed 23-Sep-15 18:56:17

if you will be 40 at your expected date of delivery it's 1:85 for your age risk
41 years 1:75
42 years 1:55

Foxeym Mon 19-Oct-15 10:14:07

I was 42 when I had my DS and the test came back 1:19000

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