Why have you chosen to do Harmony test?

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Miisukka Mon 07-Sep-15 21:18:54

I just joined Mumsnet after finding out I'm pregnant with my second child. I'm 39 and the NHS nuchal scan test came back as 1:3300. However, even though the risk is not huge, it's not insignificant either, and I feel like I should go for the Harmony test. Husband is not keen, mainly due to the cost (£500). I'd like to hear in what kind of situations have you chosen to get the Harmony test done? Would you consider 1:3300 to be risky enough to get it done? My first child's risk for Down's was less than 1:10000, so for me 1:3300 doesn't sound very low.

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StarSpotter Mon 07-Sep-15 21:29:02

Hi, I had it done because it could be done earlier than the traditional tests, at 10 weeks, and was more accurate. Personally, I wouldn't have bothered with it if I had the result you had, but it's your choice and whatever you feel comfortable with. 1 in 3300 is low, especially as age will affect it. With my eldest, it was something like 1 in 900 and I was younger than you are. At 38 with my second, I just had the Harmony and not the NHS testing. I was anxious and didn't want to wait longer for the NHS.
Congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy!

farfallarocks Tue 08-Sep-15 09:58:56

I have had 2 acquaintances have a baby with down syndrome with low risk results so I wanted to know for sure one way or another. I was also very anxious about the pregnancy having been told a natural conception was impossible, have low egg reserve and failed IVF/MCs behind me, I just needed some more reassurance and a result earlier than is possible with the usual NT scan. Highly recommend it if you are older and want certainty, the scan is also so much more detailed than the NHS one (I went to foetal medicine centre)

cloudjumper Wed 09-Sep-15 14:26:00

Your combined risk is very low, what a brilliant result! I am assuming that the 1:3300 is the risk calculated from NT measurement and your bloods (plus age)? If I calculate this correctly, this puts your risk of Downs at 0.03%, ie. you have a chance of 99.97% that everything will be OK! Those are pretty good odds.

I had the Harmony test done in my last pregnancy, when my combined risk came back as 1:17. This time, my combined risk came back as 1:932, and we decided that this is good enough for us, given my age (43), so did not do the Harmony.

The cost is not insignificant, but at the end of the day, it's your peace of mind that matters most. But remember - it will still be only a risk (although the Harmony test is much more accurate), not a diagnosis. And also, the Harmony test can fail - I tried it twice last time, and it didn't work, so I had to have amniocentesis anyway in the end. Apparently, there is still a ca. 5% fail rate with this test (at least that's what FMC quoted).

Miisukka Wed 09-Sep-15 21:43:11

Thank you ladies for your opinions, they are much appreciated! Cloudjumper, yes the 1:3300 was a risk calculated from NT measurement, blood test and age. I think I won't go ahead with the Harmony test, although I've given myself another to week to think about it.

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BettyBi0 Mon 16-Nov-15 13:23:38

I went for the Harmony test because I've had several miscarriages and a hematoma in this pregnancy so I knew that if I came back high risk based on nuchal scan then I wouldn't be able to have the CVS test.

Luckily I'd already shelled out my £400 and had the bloods taken because when my NHS 12 week scan was all doom and gloom, I only had to wait 24 hours for the Harmony result.

If I'd already been given odds like yours I wouldn't bother with the Harmony.

TeamSteady Mon 16-Nov-15 19:09:16

I am having the test done at the FMC tomorrow...bit nervous now!

I am 30 so not hugely high risk age related.

This my my 3rd DC, my others I had at 18 (my whoops baby grin) and 24 so was pretty young then and therefore lower risk. I had the triple blood test with DS1 and paid for NT privately was ds2 as it wasn't available on NHS at our hosp. I can't remember the numbers exactly now, but my risk was very very low.

My life is really chaotic and busy, with two other dc, dogs and horses to look after and a dh who works 14+ hour days and some weekends I know I could not cope with a child with serious problems. I don't think it would be fair on my other children and outstanding responsibilities. I wouldn't knowingly continue a pregnancy if the baby had serious disabilities so I want to do all i can to make sure that doesn't happen.


newyorkminute Fri 08-Jan-16 21:45:55

I'm awaiting Harmony results. DS2 has Down's Syndrome diagnosed at birth. My combined test result was 1:600 with him. I have no idea what we'll do if this baby has T21 but I know that the worst thing about DS2's diagnosis was the lack of prior warning. He is, needless to say, the light of our lives!

KittyandTeal Sat 09-Jan-16 18:10:27

I'm having it at fmc after loosing dd2 to T18 last year.

We didn't find out until 21 weeks and had a tfmr at 22 weeks. A late tfmr is bloody horrific (as is an earlier but after 21 weeks you have to have the baby's heart stopped with an injection. Doing it was easily the worst thing I've ever done) I basically want to know if something is wrong as early as possible.

I would still have a tfmr if this baby has T13 or T18 (still not sure about T21) but I think an earlier termination would be a tiny bit easier for me.

Bluebell20 Sat 09-Jan-16 23:06:42

I just did a Harmony because my NHS screening came back as 1:1163 and I wasn't comfortable. We could afford the test, at a pinch, and I felt it was worth it for removing some worry from my pregnancy.

The results came back in a week, and I got the lowest risk, at less than 1:10,000. I feel much more relaxed now. It was the right thing for me.

If you want to do it, and you can afford it, and you think it would save you worry and anxiety, then I would recommend it, based on my experience.

minipie Sun 10-Jan-16 21:10:39

I did the Harmony test with DC2 because we could afford it, it's non invasive and I wanted as much information as possible, as early as possible. I had it at 10 weeks which meant I had the result by 12 weeks. (With DC1 the combined test had come up high risk and I had a CVS - Harmony wasn't available - result at 15 weeks).

As it happened when DC2 was born some of the midwives thought she looked like she had Downs, and she had genetic testing. While waiting for the result (negative) I was glad to have the negative Harmony result to think of.

Li33ie Fri 05-Feb-16 08:48:41

We went for Harmony because my age automatically put me at high/higher risk, I'm 41. I was also worried that after trying for so long to conceive, the risk of miscarriage after an amneo.

Ultimately we just wanted to know so we could be prepared. Yes it did cost £475 but we knew the result within a week and had a scan at the same time as they took my blood so we could see the baby and hear a heartbeat before my 12 week scan.

We came back at 1:10,000 and as the test is highly accurate we had peace of mind.

I would recommend the test to anyone and it was great to hear the NHS would be taking on the test in the news recently.

Laurajane84 Mon 08-Feb-16 18:43:06

After the quad test I received the news that my downs risk was 1:37 due to high hCG levels. We then decided to have the Harmony test. Results back last Friday were all low risk. Next pregnancy I would book in for Harmony at 10 weeks and forgoe any Nhs screening until after those results. Best £500 I have ever spent.

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