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Where do I go now. 4.5mm nuchal fluid.

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Gingerlady123 Sun 30-Aug-15 12:26:11

I posted on the pregnancy board yesterday not knowing this board existed and was wondering if you lot could advise me in what I should do next.

Yesterday we went for a private baby bond dating scan. We saw baby and heartbeat and we got to listen to heartbeat for a short moment, all good. Then lady doing the scan hit us with the news that she could see extra fluid behind babies head. She tried for ten minutes to move baby to get the measurement and when she did it measured 4.5mm. I was really scared and she said it could be downs, major abnormal problems, heart defects or nothing at all. I am 21 and partner is 23. He has a brother with downs and cerebal palsy but we have no other family history of conditions. I'm so shocked, nhs dating scan was scheduled for 9th September I had originally declined the combined test thinking I didn't need it as I was deemed low risk due to age but now I need to contact midwife to get it done.
How much chance does bubba have of living a good quality life with a 4.55 fluid behind head ? I'm mainly worried about 13,18 and heart defects. Downs is less concerning as a lot of people have a fantastic quality of life ( Albeit still a hard thing to come to terms with)

Also she said I have two cysts on my right ovary each 25mm and what looks like fluid in the right tube. A week before this scan I'd had another scan on the nhs for early bleeding and they said I had one cyst on my right ovary which was about 30 by 59 by 25. They never mentioned my tube having fluid in it or a suspected blockage. However in the scan photos I can see large amount of fluid behind babies head in these photos so I don't think it's going to go away.
I have attached photos of my scan yesterday and my 9+6 scan where you can see the fluid.
Thank you all for your help.

KittyandTeal Sun 30-Aug-15 12:51:34

I'm sorry you're going through this. I have experience of loosing a baby to T18 but her NT was fine.

I would call your hospital and get yourself put under a fetal medicine consultant. As for a detailed scan at 12 weeks. Personally I'd also book into somewhere private like the fetal medicine centre and have a harmony test and detailed early scan done.

I'm sorry I couldn't answer any of your questions though.

Gingerlady123 Sun 30-Aug-15 13:01:12

We can only just scrape the money for the tests. I was looking at nifty test which has a high accuracy rating.
I rung my hospital but they said speak to my midwife so I need to wait until she is working again. Hopefully Tuesday she is.
Hope your ok. I just have no hope at the moment.

blacktreaclecat Sun 30-Aug-15 13:12:17

I would recommend ARC charity- this is just the area they deal with and they are fantastic
It's a horrible time, hope all is ok x

Gingerlady123 Sun 30-Aug-15 13:15:28

I feel really negative at the moment. I just had a gut feeling from the start on this pregnancy something wasn't right and now I could very well be right.
sad so sad I don't know what to do. Looking for some hope and positivity right now.
Thanks for the link. Sadly everything is not ok I'm unable to do anything but Google or just stare in silence at the walls x

Swishyswashy Sun 30-Aug-15 13:25:29

I just wanted to say I hope you're ok. We have been there and it is so stressful and upsetting. I hope you get a better outcome than you are imagining and either way things happen quickly without too much of a fight to get what you need.

Gingerlady123 Sun 30-Aug-15 13:27:18

Thank you.
What was your outcome ?
I hope your ok as well

Gingerlady123 Sun 30-Aug-15 14:02:16

Can anyone send any positive vibes my way sad?
I feel like this is the end. I need some hope of some sort

MrsLovely Sun 30-Aug-15 14:23:59

I too had a high nuchal fold measurement - 5.3mm and we were warned of all the possibilities that could go with this.

As you sadly know, it's devastating news, and we were told with the bloods we had a 1 in 2 chance of the baby having Downs.

We opted for further testing so we could be more informed but the tests failed and we decided not to try again, although Downs was ruled out.

We had lots of support and monitoring throughout the pregnancy and our baby was born four years ago, healthy and well.

She continues to develop normally and is a lovely, bright four year old.

I know how you are feeling now, it is devastating, and for a long time I felt I couldn't invest in, or enjoy, my pregnancy. But there is always hope for a positive outcome. The sonographer told me she had never seen such a high nuchal measurement with a positive outcome.

Get all the support you need, the NHS were fantastic and were fully supportive of any and all our decisions.

I hope things turn out ok for you.

KittyandTeal Sun 30-Aug-15 14:28:14

I can't give you hope with my story, although the NT was very different to yours.

However, I have heard many positive stories of large NT measurements transpiring to nothing of anything.

It is a horridly stressful time. Do what you can to not google or search for stuff. People rarely post the 'my baby looked like it was really poorly but is now fine' type stories so what you find will be disproportionally skewed towards the negative.

Swishyswashy Sun 30-Aug-15 18:44:55

Like Kitty, our outcome has been a complicated one- although not as devastating as hers. We had clear CVS but found out our baby had serious genetic condition after birth. However, nuchal fluid was not the main issue for us, it was on the high end of normal, but bloods were very off at 12 week screening. There is always hope and actually there are many, many stories out there of people with good outcomes in your situation- many more positive than negative. Hope that you are one of those and that you get through the next few worrying days.

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