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Low Papp a, 1:20 risk of DS

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eastegg Thu 23-Jul-15 14:16:44

Had CVS last night and anxiously waiting. The only thing that was 'wrong' at the 12 week scan on Tuesday was my low Papp-a, which was 0.23, hcg was normal and so was NT, all the checks on the heart and everything else were fine. I'm 41 so the low Papp a brought my risk up from 1:47 (background) to 1:20. Risk of other trisomies 1:36.

Got so many mixed up feelings. Can't help wondering what the other explanations for low Papp a could be if not one of the trisomies. Am I right to be worried that because I've never had low Papp a before ( this is DC3) and I'Ve never had any growth problems with previous babies (something they said is associated with low Papp a), then it's more likely in my case that this is going to turn out to be DS?

Anyone in a similar boat?

fourlegstwolegs Thu 23-Jul-15 15:20:56

Oh poor you. Hopefully the CVS will give you the reassurance you need. I have a high risk (something else) and can't even get the courage to have an invasive test so you are doing better than me! Best of luck smile

KittyandTeal Thu 23-Jul-15 16:45:53

I know Papp a can linked to a placenta not functioning at 100%.

In my experience I had low Papp a, normal nt, slightly low hcg. Now soft markers at scans. Low risk for trisomies.

In the end they picked up a small issue at 21 weeks, sent me to kings where we had a detailed scan. They found 5 soft markers and the amnio came back at T18. My reassessed risk before amnio results was 1:46 for T13 or T18 (still low risk for T21 as my hcg was low rather than high)

I'm sorry my story is not cheerier. How far along are you?

eastegg Fri 24-Jul-15 12:42:04

Thanks for the replies. We're on our way to France at the moment so have been a bit busy.

I was 13 weeks yesterday.

They said we could at a push get the results late today but more likely Monday. We're going to France with my ILs so the circs for getting bad news are rubbish. Also don't know what to say to them over the weekend if anything, DH reckons we 've got to say something but I'd rather wait til we get results if possible.

Sorry you've both had difficulties as well.

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