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diarrhea after that ok?

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Piper0804 Fri 17-Jul-15 21:42:54

Had amnio at 9 am and I have had eaten and drank as normal but I have just had bad diarohea. ...does anyone know if that's normal? Any advice? I am having mild cramps ( as expected) but no other symptoms. Thanks

Cheesychop Fri 17-Jul-15 21:44:53

It could be anxiety? I was very anxious before and after mine, that can effect your bowels.

Hope you are ok.

Piper0804 Fri 17-Jul-15 22:06:11

Hi....that's what I thought and was hoping....just a bit odd that I have been fine all day until just.

Cheesychop Fri 17-Jul-15 22:11:05

I honestly think it is, try as much as you can to relax and rest flowers

eventay Fri 17-Jul-15 22:14:34

Yeah probably anxiety smile x

KittyandTeal Sat 18-Jul-15 09:18:11

I had mild period type cramps for a good few hours after my amnio. I would imagine the loose bowels is probably anxiety. I feel really, really sick after mine, it was definitely nerves.

I hope your results are quick (and all negative)

Piper0804 Sun 19-Jul-15 22:40:29

I am feeling a lot more normal now. ...with only the odd cramp. Results tues hopefully.....fingers crossed all fine.

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