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Guessing the ratio gets higher as you get older?

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mrscookie78 Wed 08-Jul-15 22:17:11

My second son had a high ish neck measurement (still within the normal rate, just at the higher end) and my bloods came back at 1 in 130 two years ago now. My first son was 1 in 1500! Thinking about having a number 3 and am guessing that as the years pass by my rates will be higher? Has anyone else found this?

Grittzio Wed 08-Jul-15 22:20:44

No, my DS (first born) was 1/93, my DD was 1/1100 born 4 years later when I was 40.

Appleblossom82 Wed 08-Jul-15 22:23:48

You start off with a background risk based on age.

So at 20 its like 1:1500, at 30 its something like 1:900 and by 40 1:100 (these are approximations, you can check actual figures online). So then your risk is adjusted based on your screening tests.

So im 33 and my background risk was 1:560 but my screening brought my risk to 1:85.

mrscookie78 Wed 08-Jul-15 22:29:22

Ah ok, I'm 37 soon so just assumed as I got older I would have higher results?!

Appleblossom82 Wed 08-Jul-15 22:30:39

Not necessarily. Will depend on the nt and your bloods but yes you are starting from a higher background risk if you see what i mean?

Appleblossom82 Wed 08-Jul-15 22:32:30

Background risk at 37 is 1:200ish. Just had a quick google.

tilder Wed 08-Jul-15 22:38:48

What appleblossom said.

You start with a background risk - presumably the 'average' for your age (or similar)

Then its adjusted with factors specific to you.

So yes your background risk goes up as you age, but the actual risk may not.

mrscookie78 Wed 08-Jul-15 22:41:03

Was Thinking of asking the doctor about the odds and and also about my scar as they think that was rupturing last time so wonder if that would withstand another pregnancy? Thank you for your replies smile

mrscookie78 Wed 08-Jul-15 22:43:25

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