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Combined screening

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Cupcakesandlove Sat 27-Jun-15 14:39:43

I have received my combined results and they are as follows:

Bhcg conc. 99.57 corr mom 3.88
NT conc 2.50. Corr mom 1.33
Pappa 2708. Corr mom 0.93

My individual risk is 1:180

Age 24 smoked prior to pregnancy

Test taken at 13 weeks 5 days

I have since had a harmony test and I'm waiting on the results.
Can you help me understand the results above?

Cupcakesandlove Sat 27-Jun-15 17:20:40


KittyandTeal Sat 27-Jun-15 18:46:14

What is it that you need to understand?

I would imagine that your risk has been based on the high hcg and low Papp a levels, especially as you're not in a high risk age group.

I presume the 1:180 risk is for Down's syndrome?

I'm afraid I can't help much more than that. All I know is that you want the MoM numbers as close to 1 as possible. Above that is high and below is low if that makes sense? So it looks like you have high hcg and low Papp a, the hormonal markers for T21.

How was the scan? Did they report the nt measurement? Did the see a nasal bone? Did they measure the femur length, if so where in the chart is it?

I'm sorry you're going through a worrying time. Have you spoken to anyone at arc? They might be able to help more with the test results.

KittyandTeal Sat 27-Jun-15 18:47:02

Sorry, just saw the nt was around 1 MoM which is ok I think

Cupcakesandlove Sat 27-Jun-15 20:29:57

Hi there,

when I had the harmony test he checked the femur bone nasal bone head heart umbilical cord and all was fine he said "everything looks fine"
My concern is I was wondering if it was flagged up as 180 due to my NT result, the lady who done my scan was a trainee and the lady who was suppose to over see her didn't. I wasn't given any information and the baby was upside down and didn't move. I was just wondering if she managed to measure the head correctly at the first scan.
As my HGC levels are high also I now doubt this is the case. Are high HGC levels an indicator of anything I've looked online and it said if you had morning sickness bad which I did and bleeding which I didn't also I know there wasn't another (twin) as I had a scan at 10 weeks.

KittyandTeal Sun 28-Jun-15 08:57:36

As far as I know it's not necessarily high hcg that is a problem but high in relation to low Papp a.

As someone who has had some pretty awful news at scans I can promise if there was something wrong or they suspected something you would know about it.

If they've seen a nasal bone you nt seems fairly normal, heart rate and femur normal? It could be that your bloods are a bit off but it means nothings. The waiting is awful but you should have a better idea once the harmony comes back.

Have you contacted arc? They will be able to talk you through things a bit better than us in here

Cupcakesandlove Sun 28-Jun-15 13:58:23


Yes I contacted them but as it's the weekend they are closed. Is my pappa low... I thought it was normal as it's fairly close to 1? Or is it low in relation to the high HGC?

KittyandTeal Sun 28-Jun-15 14:20:14

I'm not entirely sure tbh. I only know what I was told in relation to our dd2.

If I were you I'd try to hold tight till tmrw, give arc a call and also see if you can speak to your screening midwife at the hospital that did your screen. They will have much better answers than me.

Cupcakesandlove Sun 28-Jun-15 14:25:57

Ah I'm not calling the hospital or my midwife they are awful. I'll give arc a call tomorrow.

I'm going to get off here until my results it's comforting but it's doing me no favours so I just need a bit of time x

Appleblossom82 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:21:54

Cupcake your papp-a is a little low but only a smidge. Mine was 0.56mom. I think your result is based on high hcg and nt thats at the higher end of normal (but still well within normal). I will reiterate to you that our genetic counsellor told us none of these things are cause for concern in isolation. In combination they just suggest maybe its good to look a bit closer. BUT you are not even in the higher risk group.

I really feel for you. I know how awful it is waiting. When did you have the harmony?

Try and distract yourself and be kind to yourself flowers

Cupcakesandlove Sun 28-Jun-15 18:19:26

Hi there,
I had it on Wednesday. I know technically I'm not classed as a high risk group but a friend is pregnant same time as me and has a 1:100000 chance I think that is what has caused me to worry.
I am hoping that as my scan was fine everything will be, I'm hoping it would of showed in a stage 2 scan if something was wrong. I'll love them regardless this is purely for me to be prepared, I'm of the belief that it is what it is. I'm just courious as to other people's experiences with similar results.
What can high HCG levels mean? If my baby does not have a cromozone issue will she have any more? I know pappa is linked to low birth rate ect

Appleblossom82 Sun 28-Jun-15 18:35:04

I know what you're saying but i was given 1:85 risk and harmony came back 1:10,000. The screening is very imprecise.

Im not sure what high hcg can mean. It probably means nothing at all. Just like my low papp-a doesnt seem to be causing any problems (touch wood).

You should know by Friday. As i said yesterday, im sure it will be good news for you.

Appleblossom82 Thu 02-Jul-15 17:32:08

Any news yet? I am eagerly awaiting your update as i am confident it will be good news flowers

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