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Group b strep positive

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Jenbird5891 Sun 31-May-15 20:04:10

Hi I've just had my test result back and it's positive for group b strep. I paid for the private 'gold standard' test was kinda hoping it would be negative but am glad I did the test and it's been picked up! I'm expecting twins so premature labour before 37 weeks is highly likely which is also a risk factor. Anyone got experience of antibiotics in labour? Is it a big deal? I'm not that worried as I'll be hooked up to all kinds of monitors, epidural etc for a twin birth so what's another IV drip?! Can the antibiotics make me feel really ill? Is it worth just asking for an elcs before I go into labour and not needing the antibiotics? I will discuss with the consultant and midwife but thought I'd get some first hand experiences too!

mayaknew Sun 31-May-15 20:12:51

I had group b strep when I had my first . I was swabbed on arrival at the ward and it came back positive. Because I had already delivered by the time the results came back it was DD who was given the antibiotics .

I know it's a thought but at least you know now that you have it and it will be you and not your wee newborn that will get the antibiotics . Sorry I can't be more help with the practicalities just wanted to say it's better that you know now in advance . Good luck thanks

beepbeep Sun 31-May-15 20:23:19

I found out I was Group B Strep after my second had been born, I had a quick birth with my waters going only a few minutes before he was born - so V low risk.

I was told that my third would have to be in hospital (has DS at a birthing centre - not attached to a hospital) & that I would hav ego have the antibiotics - I actually argued this as both my previously labours had been so quick and with both my waters had gone so close to the baby being born so risk of passing infection was v low. Also both my births had been v quick - 4hrs & 2 hrs - the antibiotics are given (or were!) over a 4 hour period - I argued that I would need to be induced for this as my labours were too quick!

Luckily the birthing centre supported me - my 3rd was born with a 40 minute labour, the waters went as she was born. Neither of us required any antibiotics!

However that said, if my waters had gone earlier I would def had gone into hospital, I would not have put my babies at risk. I did a lot of research at the time (over 5 years ago now & forgotten much of it) & talked it over a lot with the midwives.

I think the antibiotics are only given to the baby if you haven't had them & there is a high risk of infection having been past - e.g. the waters having been broken for a long time or the baby being in the birthing canal for a long time so increasing the risk of coming into contact with infection.

beepbeep Sun 31-May-15 20:25:04

On a completely separate note - I had antibiotics (IV) following the birth of my 3rd (nothing to do with strep), they didn't make me feel unwell and the didn't taken too long to administer each time (so wasn't constantly hooked up to them).

Micah Sun 31-May-15 20:32:00

How far along are you? The reason the nhs don't routinely test in pregnancy is while you may be positive now, you might be negative by the time you deliver.

I wouldn't change your birth plan solely because of the result. Make your midwife and delivery staff aware, they will give you appropriate advice on the least risky options.

Jenbird5891 Sun 31-May-15 20:47:49

Micah- I was 34 weeks when swab done. Did it a bit early as average twin birth is at 35 weeks and will be induced if labour not started by 38 weeks on it's own. One of the reasons I was worried about gbs was the high risk for premature birth and as is my first pregnancy then labour could be long especially as I will go for epidural etc. I'm not worried about the medicalised birth thing just want to do the least risky things for me and them. I've read about cons of IV antibiotics but they seem to be mainly that u will be restricted in labour by IV drop although not connected all the time and this is already going to be the case as they like to monitor both twins so will be fairly restricted. The other risk seems to be adverse reaction to penicillin by I'm sure I've had it in the past with no problem and if I had a reaction I'm in hospital so should be ok. None of the risks of antibiotics seem to come close to risk of babies getting gbs even if it's still unlikely.

SaggyAndLucy Tue 02-Jun-15 10:57:11

I had the antibiotics in labour. It was nothing. try not to worry. Better to be safe than sorry. x

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