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Overtiredbackagain Sat 21-Feb-15 09:12:01

Following our 20 week anomaly scan, it was detected our daughter has a curve in the lumbar region of her spine. We have been referred to St Thomas' on Monday for another scan and to see a consultant.

Just wondered if anyone on here has experienced scoliosis - I've scared myself with the demon Dr Google confused

nappyqueen Sat 21-Feb-15 10:07:11

Ignore Google!!!!!
Try to relax until after you see the specialists (I know it's far easier said than done). It may be a bad image from the first scan or something they will monitor over the next weeks of pregnancy - be prepared for LOADS of scans!
If they have found it early they are prepared - how many babies are born with it but wouldn't know until its quite advanced and prominent because it hasn't been caught on a scan.
It could be due to a million different things or a one off abnormality so you can't predict anything just now.
Write lists of questions and what they plan to do, don't go alone to appts, have an extra pair of ears.
Ask what will happen at birth - is it an immediate problem eg SCBU or will they just keep monitoring?

Mainly, look after yourself first and foremost and deal with things once you have more concrete answers xx

DRSLondon Mon 23-Feb-15 15:13:44

I'm sorry you received bad news at your scan. I had bad news at our 20 week scan which resulted in us terminating the pregnancy, so I know how much of a shock it can be.

I don't know the range of severity that exists within scoliosis but I have a friend who has it and hers has been very manageable. She didn't know she had it until she was 16. She had one pretty big operation and a fairly major recovery process. But apart from that she is like any other young woman. She is completely physically active (swimming, cycling, the works) and it does not affect her quality of life at all. She occasionally needs rests but honestly she has an amazing life and is currently living it up in New York, spinning every day!

I hope your baby's condition will also allow her/him to have a good quality of life.

Sending you positivity,

bubalou Tue 03-Mar-15 17:05:56

Don't google.

My sister had scoliosis. For her it developed during puberty.

She had a very sever 'a' shaped curvature that would only get worse as she got older.

When she was 19 she had spinal surgery to put in a metal rod and straighten her back.

Yes very traumatic and scary and painful and she had to wear a body brace etc but she managed and she is now a gorgeous, normal, hard working 28 year old.

Obviously this is different as she is older but I just wanted to you hear the positive.


ARV1981 Sat 02-May-15 04:38:33

I have scoliosis, and can honestly say although it has been painful it hasn't seriously affected my life. I haven't needed surgery (found out when I was 17) but I think mine is quite mild. So it is possible to reach at least 34 and not need any surgery grin.

I spent a childhood climbing trees, riding horses, swimming, cycling and being very much a tomboy. My twin also has it and she has a physical job now and manages very well.

I hope your baby doesn't have it, but if she does then please understand it may not be as bad as you imagine.


gingerbreadmam Wed 10-Jun-15 16:25:41

how are you getting on over?

our baby has also been diagnosed with scoliosis in lumbar part. i dont know if theres different extremes of this but my hospital dont seem massively concerned at the moment. in fact from what i have read it can actually correct itself?

we are being scanned more frequently as there were other abnormalities, our son has quite a serious lower limb deficiency so could have been more focused on that but just wanted to share as its not something i feel overly worried about at the min and havent been lead to believe i should be.

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