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So worried! NT measurement 3.5mm, top end I normal...

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D00dles Fri 06-Feb-15 11:48:11

Hi ladies, I'm hoping some of you could put my mind at ease and share some experiences. I've already posted in 'pregnancy' but I'm new to mumsnet and was recommended to repost here! I had my 12week scan yesterday and my NT measured at 3.5mm, the high end of normal. Everything else seemed fine with the baby. They have taken bloods before invasive testing, as I'm 28 they feel I'm not automatically high risk for a chromosome defect but they did explain it could indicate a problem with baby's heart.
So I have been left to worry, if I don't hear from them in the next week I'm low risk but what about the heart issues? I'm guessing I won't know that for another 6weeks until my 20week scan I'm not sure if I should text my community midwife for some reassurance or whether that would be wasting her time.
I've looked at Dr. Google and I can only seem to find stories of 6-11mm or lower measurements but they've been offered testing straight away...
Has anyone had something similar?

KittyandTeal Fri 06-Feb-15 16:24:04

I've replied in you thread in pregnancies x

Chookford Wed 11-Feb-15 13:38:07

D00dles I had the same in Novemeber, my 12 week scan had a nuchal fold measurement of 3.5mm which whilst not massive is on high end of normal which they explained could mean a sign of DS or a heart problem or could just be a varient of normal I had the bloods done at the same time and next day received my risk, my age (32) and the NT measurement gave me a risk of 1/89 of downs so high risk, clear for other trisomys but as there were no other soft markers on my scan they told me to stay positive (!!) my hospital is running a trial alongside Kings so I was offered the Harmony blood test free which we did the following day, we had an anxious 8 day wait until results were in then got the call to say my risk was now 1/10,000 so very low.. I was over the moon, then had to get over the detailed heart scan hurdle which we had nearly 5 weeks ago now (im almost 26 weeks) and all was perfectly fine no issues found at all, nor were there at the anomoly scan a week later, and the Nuchal translucency was now well withing the normal range at 22wks so even after receiving those odds please dont panic, its far far more likely that your baby is fine and a raised NT was just that, a raised measurement not an indicator of a problem, will keep everything crossed for you!

Sorry for the essay there, I just remembered how much better i felt reading others experiences when I was going through this...

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