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feeling awful hours after GTT?

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xShellyx Tue 20-Jan-15 17:11:19

My gtt was over and done for by 12 today, iv had lunch and a few glasses of juice since but I really feel dreadful, tired, poorly tummy and feeling bleh!

The two hours after drinking a large glass of lucazade I felt very dizzy and sick on and off, then my second blood test I felt sick and dizzy again, sweating loads, my vision went funny and hearing muffled - was quite scary! I got up to run to the toilet and collapsed. Apparently it's perfectly normal but scary if Youv never passed out before.

Anyone had similar? What Happens if you do have GD? I won't find out till the end of the week

MrsTawdry Wed 21-Jan-15 14:59:16

flowers it's not nice. Those are the symptoms many people (me incluided) have with every single medical procedure they have done. It's a precursor to fainting. Horrid.

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