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Keep calm...and wait!

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CBo79 Tue 06-Jan-15 09:44:52

Hi ladies

So I’m officially in the waiting game! I had my quad test back last Tuesday and am awaiting a letter with results. I was told if it arrives between 7 and 10 days of the blood test then it will be high risk, if later, then it will carry news of low risk. Hmm. I kind of wish they hadn’t told me that. All it means is that if I see an NHS letter on the doormat this week, I’m going to burst into tears sad

I realise that worrying about it isn’t helping at all and is bad for me and baby. My husband is an optimist and won’t entertain the worst, which is good, but it means I can’t really talk to him about my fears. I’m Ok ish during the day, but last night the dread was mounting up on my train journey home from work, and by the time I reached our house I was about to pass out! I suspect it will be the same today…and tomorrow…and the day after, pretty much until the darn letter arrives!

I have had issues with anxiety in the past. Back in 2012 I had an abnormal smear and had treatment (successful) for that. However, that really triggered my anxiety and as anyone who has been through this will probably agree, the worst thing was the waiting for the NHS letter with good or bad news, and it carries on with the follow up smears. This is taking me back to that time, and I’m not coping too well with it. It’s also affecting my sleep (along with the many toilet trips, yup, second trimester has not cured that for me yet!)

I guess I just have to try and stay calm, and realise that it’s not a diagnosis, just a risk assessment. Hard not to worry about what we will do if it is high risk though. I hate the thought of playing god with my baby’s life and having to make that painful decision, should it come to it.

Anyone else feeling similar? Oh and I’m 17 weeks along and 35 years old.

Slongette Tue 06-Jan-15 17:13:16

If it's bad news they ring you..... I know - I got a 1:25 result back last week and they called me.

Honestly try not to think about it - there will be loads of things that can cause you to worry over the course of your pregnancy and you've still got a long way to go!

Btw I had my amnio today and it was truly not that bad..

SaggyAndLucy Wed 07-Jan-15 23:51:54

Its a bloody awful time. But it will pass. Each night you get to is one closer to the end of the wait.
It's impossible I know, i was told this and it didnt help at all, but try and keep in the front of your mind, that high risk is just that. High RISK.
Even with an early letter, the chances of there being a problem are still small.
Just get through each day as best you can, keep busy and hang in there. x

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