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Bustherb Mon 05-Jan-15 18:54:14

Hi everyone, don't know where to start really. I had my 12 week scan on the 18th dec only to be told that I was 1 day early for the Down's testing. We were rebooked for 30th but when we got there she said there wasn't a trained sonographer so we couldn't have it done. Got rebooked today at 13 weeks 6 , the last day we could have it. Only to be told the baby is bigger at 14 weeks 1 and that we couldn't have it. I'm feeling really upset about it and wondered what was the difference between nhs and harmony tests? Xx

CBo79 Tue 06-Jan-15 09:28:19


I sympathise – my situation is quite similar. At my 12 week scan, they couldn’t get all the measurements as baby wouldn’t get in the right position (I think – they were quite vague about it) and confirmed I was actually 13 weeks. Because of Christmas, we couldn’t get an appointment until my 16th week. I thought nothing of it as they didn’t seem too concerned – until I consulted Dr Google, who informed me that the nuchal fold test has to be done by a certain time!

Anyway, I went back last week and sure enough, they couldn’t do the nuchal test but did a final measurement then took a blood test. Again with the vagueness, neither my husband or I could really understand what test was being performed and the reliability factor of this. We were just told that if it’s high risk, a letter will arrive within 10 days, if low risk, it will be later.

I’m taking reassurance from the fact that nobody seemed worried about rushing things though, but am also worried that I haven’t received the best test. If I had the quad test (and I don’t know if I did!) then I’ve heard it’s not as reliable and can produce false positives??

You mentioned the Harmony test – that’s not offered by my health trust, but I’ve heard it’s very good. For peace of mind, I’d maybe recommend going private – lots of ladies on here who have done that. I’m wondering if we should have done that but Christmas kind of got in the way.

I hope all works out for you. It’s an uncertain enough time as it is – not helped by vagueness, delayed appointments and missing sonographers!

Bustherb Tue 06-Jan-15 18:06:08

I'm sorry your going through this CB. After complaining to my midwife she phoned the hospital who said they can re do my blood today but can't gurantee the screening people will accept. So off I went to the midwife to have it done. I got back to work and then get a phone call from the hospital to say if I can pop to another local hospital then they can re measure the baby there with an experienced sonographer. So off I went to the hospital and saw a lovely man who did the measurements and measured me within date range. So he called the screening people who accepted my scan and accepted my blood for the test. I feel relieved but annoyed that hospitals can get things so wrong. He did also say to me that the 16 week test can be less accurate than the early test, as much as 10% less accurate. I hope it works out for you xxxx

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