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High NT 3.7/4.1 VERY scared :(

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layla050889 Fri 12-Dec-14 14:48:10

Hi everyone,
I know there are loads of posts like this and we all just want some reassurance while we wait...I would so appreciate any advice/stories of similar situations. This is my first pregnancy and at our first ever scan on weds NT was 4.1 at 13w2 (remeasured at 3.7 by consultant yesterday). Other than that the baby looked healthy, all internal organs, nasal bone and limbs present, with a good heartbeat. I had CVS test as just want to know for sure as they have us at 1:15 risk of DS without any bloodwork. I've been confused about how we are such high risk, I'm only 25. The consultant said after the second scan and CVS test she didn't think it would be DS, but I don't want to get too hopeful. sad

daluze Sat 13-Dec-14 20:05:42

It is strange that they gave you risk without the blood tests. It is much less accurate, so your actual risk may be considerably lower. Hopefully your CVS results will come back quickly.
However, even if it really was 1:15, you still have more than 99% chance of everything being fine. Try to think of it that way (although I know how difficult it is!). Hugs and take care of yourself.

Chookford Sun 14-Dec-14 20:01:46

layla we had the same sort of thing at our scan everything was fine with baby everything present and accounted for but the nuchal fold was 3.5 so risk was raised for DS and added with my age(32) put me at greater risk I ended up with a 1/89 chance of DS I had the Harmony blood test and thankfully everything is fine risk changed to 1/10,000.. I know how scary it is but your chances are better than you think I'm sure everything is ok especially if nothing else was detected at the scan my sonographer said that's a really good sign as they can normally find other markers if there is a problem.

ChangeYouFucker Sun 14-Dec-14 20:07:56

It's a tough time and such a shock.

With my DS we were told from the scan alone there was a 1 in 4 chance of DS. Stayed the same after bloods.

We went for CVS but thy couldn't do it due to the way baby was so had an amino. It was so stressful.

Try not to worry to much and be kind to yourself. I'm sure it will be all OK.

Bettyblue123 Sun 14-Dec-14 23:14:49

I'm waiting for amnio results from a nuchal of 4.4 and normal bloods. I'm 1:5 because of my age and nuchal. I do feel like I'm in hell! Will hold you in my thoughts xx

layla050889 Mon 15-Dec-14 18:11:28

Thank you for your words of reassurance!! It is a horrible time waiting, I'm really hoping to get the results tomorrow but the thought of answering that phone call makes me feel sick sad thoughts go out to everyone experiencing this xx

Bettyblue123 Mon 15-Dec-14 18:37:21

I'm the same Layla. Can't imagine how I'll feel when I see the phone start to go! I'm hoping tommorow too! But dreading at the same time xx

layla050889 Fri 19-Dec-14 09:31:03

Just wanted to let you all know, our CVS results came back all clear! So so relieved, thank you for your kind thoughts!! We will have 'phase two' tests now to look at any potential heart problems, but I really feel like it was all a bit of a false scare and nothing major will come up. Definitely not opting for DS screening again in any future pregnancies, it's just not worth the anxiety!! xxx

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