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Anti E antibodies

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Monkey29 Sun 23-Nov-14 20:09:36

Hi, I'm new to this forum. Am 8 weeks pregnant on my second child. Had routine bloods done with my GP and have come back positive for anti E antibodies. My blood group is O Positive. Gp wasn't able to tell me much about it but has said lab recommends that I have blood test repeated at 28weeks and that husband should be tested. Have done a lot of reading on it and from what I gather my husband must carry e antigens and passed them to my daughter and then at some stage during that pregnancy/labour her blood mixed with mine and as a result I developed antibodies to the E antigen. Therefore if husband is tested and it proves he is a carrier there will either be 50%/100% chance that this baby will also have the antigen and then as I have antibodies I will attack it's red blood cells. From what I've read I also gather that I should be have blood titre levels done every 4 weeks at least. I have read the outcomes vary from having a perfectly healthy baby/ a baby that has jaundice in first 24 hrs requiring careful monitoring and treatment/ a severely anaemic baby (haemolytic disease of the new born) to hydrops fatalis which is usually fatal or worst case scenario- stillbirth! Must say my head was in a spin. It has said in several articles though that the bigE antibody usually only leads to a mild to moderate effect on the baby.
So really I'm writing here to see if any of you have experience of this? I want to know is my understanding of it correct so that when I see my consultant I'm able to ask the right questions or insist on the correct treatment if needed. I would be so grateful for any feedback or if any of you have had these antibodies on a previous pregnancy what was the outcome. I know there's nothing that can be done apart from careful monitoring but ild like to be fully prepared for whatever eventuality. Hopefully I am worrying for nothing!

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