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Varied NT measurements neg harmony

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MummytoLoganDarcy Sat 22-Nov-14 14:39:42

Hiya I have posted before about this, I suppose I am looking for people in a similar situation. My 12 week scan and combined test came back as a 1 in 4 risk for Down's syndrome and other trisomies was high also, my bloods were fine but it was the 6.8mm NT measurement driving my results. Baby had no other visible defects or growth problems. We opted for harmony and this came back low risk for the 3 trisomies.
We saw a private specialist as well who agreed the NT was increased but he had it at 4.9mm and again he noted no other visible defects in baby.
We had a 16 week scan this week with a consultant who advised us in the first instance the NT was reduced to a normal size of 4mm for 16 weeks, and again no physical problems and this included a detailed look at the heart.
We were so relieved, but asked to wait and see the head consultant to confirm. The second doctor agreed the babies growth was fine and could see nothing wrong but he measured the NT at 7mm and this concerned him. He recommended the CVS if we have it quickly.
We have decided not to have it right now and see how the scan goes at 20 weeks. We have no intention to terminate at any point, i just don't know if I HAVE to know what could be causing it. I have said to my husband and he agrees we just want to be happy about our little girl who seems to be doing well apart from such varied results.

minipie Thu 27-Nov-14 19:22:49

Sorry you're having this worry.

If you have no intention to terminate then I wouldn't have the CVS personally, my thoughts would be why risk it if it will make no difference to what you do.

The full results from a CVS would take 2 weeks to come back by which time you will be nearly at 20 weeks anyway and will be able to have a much more detailed scan.

If there is something not quite right at the 20 week scan you can then have an amnio if you really want to know more, but again if there is anything shown up at 20 weeks I'm sure they would schedule further scans anyway.

Remember CVS/amnio can only look for chromosomal problems, they wouldn't show up other non chromosome related issues, detailed scans are better for that.

In your shoes I would wait till 20 weeks and see what that shows. Hope all turns out to be fine x

MummytoLoganDarcy Sun 30-Nov-14 20:14:25

Thanks minipie, your right. Like you say the amnio can't test for everything and I could risk my baby and still have no answers. I have another scan on the 18th of Dec when I'm 20 weeks so fingers crossed. Thanks again x

minipie Sun 30-Nov-14 21:02:47

Very best of luck, hope all is normal on that scan x

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