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3D/4D scan and pprom?

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Nobblybobbly19 Fri 14-Nov-14 13:32:54

Hi all, not too sure which place was best to podt this but im guessing it kind of fits into antenatal tests?

Just a quick question, i experienced pprom (early rupture of the waters) at 18 weeks and im now 26+1 weeks! Im just wondering whether anyone knows if its possible to go for a 3D/4D scan once the waters have gone?

Its something i have wanted to do since the start of my pregnancy and im so annoyed with myself that i had an appointment for one when i was 16 weeks but we decided to cancel as we were told if your going to go for one to go when your 24+ weeks as its a much better picture and experience. so hearing this we cancelled our appointment then my waters broke when i was only 18 weeks! ever since we have had really crappy 2d scans with crap visualization due to lack of fluid. Im just wondering has anyone been for or know anyone that has had a 3D/4D scan after the waters were ruptured and did you get a better picture of baby even if it was not exactly clear! i just want to see a better picture of baby would love to go for one of these scans!

any help appreciated, thank you!

nobbly x

TittyBojangles Tue 18-Nov-14 18:08:04

If there is so little fluid that your 2d scans are very poor quality then the 3/4d ones will be the same. They rely on a good pocket of fluid between the probe and the feature being scanned ie face to be able to see it properly otherwise it won't be distinguishable from the uterus wall. You could always ring them to ask tho?

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