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NT combined test - how long for results?

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24deedee Thu 06-Nov-14 23:45:27

Hi, I'm 39 and pregnant for the 1st time, due may 1st ;-) I had a NT scan & bloods last Wednesday morning at north midd hospital in London. They said 2 weeks for the posted results and I think that they phone sooner if its high risk / anything abnormal.
So… I'm hoping to tell the family tomorrow evening and hoping that everything is ok as I haven't had a phone call and it's been over a week. Has anybody had to wait longer than a week to hear of high risk / abnormal results?
Thanks ladies x

smogsville Fri 07-Nov-14 23:50:57

Waited two weeks in 2011 at chel & Westminster. Think it's fairly standard except at UCLH where they turn it around within 45 mins as we discovered a few weeks ago at first scan appt for DC2. They must have a lab onsite or something. Good luck with the wait and I wouldn't be too concerned not to have heard yet.

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