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First antenatal appointment

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Lulu3108 Wed 05-Nov-14 19:47:26


I went to the docs today because I recently found out I was pregnant. ( I am probably 6-7 weeks)

When questioning me about any previous pregnancies, I said I had a termination before.

The doctor wouldnt book me in for ante natal appointments until i am 8-9 weeks as she said she wanted me to think about it.

I assured her several times thats although it was a shocker I would never have a termination again and would be happy to have a baby.

My friend said this is out of order because I have a auto immune problem they need to keep an eye on me my risk for complications is higher.

I am a bit disappointed does this usually happen?



daluze Wed 05-Nov-14 20:34:53

Congratulations! The first midwife appointment is usually booked at around 8-9 weeks. At this early stage they don't really do anything. However, it sounds strange that you were told "to think about it". If you have a medical condition that may require special care, you should definitely point it out. In my case the midwife made all necessary referrals at booking appointment around 8 weeks.

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