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Medical Termination - not sure it worked

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SadTimes14 Tue 15-Apr-14 10:40:32

I guess I've come here for some re-assurance....

I had a medical termination yesterday. I was 5 weeks when the decision to terminate was reached and 7 weeks yesterday during the treatment.

I had the 1st tablet on Saturday then was booked to be in hospital all day yesterday.

I had the first tablets at 11am. (pessaries, internally) After about 20 mins I was cramping enough to have paracetamol, but it really wasn't that bad and I was bleeding. Like the "I know best" idiot that I can be sad I didn't use the bedpan twice after that, but all I saw was blood come away. Then that was about it really.

I had further internal tabs at 2pm, 630pm and 930pm. Bleeding continued. No cramps at all. A few clots but nothing significant.

I discharged myself at 11pm sad

Today I am not bleeding heavily. I've had heavier periods.

The all day morning sickness (low level nausea) has stopped and stopped yesterday lunch time.

My sensible head tells me that I was bleeding too heavily to still be pregnant, but the lack of "something" coming away and lack of heavy bleeding today worries me....

I'm all over the place. sad

deedeelondon Tue 15-Apr-14 10:51:15

Poor you. I'm sure that it has worked - you were only seven weeks so there will not be much to *"come away". I had a miscarriage at seven weeks and there was nothing to see - just bleeding.
Take care of yourself and try not to worry....

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