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Amniotic Band - Happy End :-)

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Anaisa Sun 13-Apr-14 17:08:24

I am not much of a poster and tend to "lurk" more than write, but as I was driving myself crazy troughout my pregnancy not being able to find any positive information I thought I had to share. Hopefully this post will re-assure those who also had an amniotic band show up on their scan...

My amniotic band showed up at 20 weeks and was visible on all scans after that. I was seen by a consultant who did confirm it was a band, but didn't think it was attached to the baby. The baby seemed fine and the consultant did not think it would be affected as most deformities and amputations happen before 12 weeks.

And then I googled...Pictures of babies with no fingers/arms/hands haunted me till the day the baby was born :-(((

Two weeks ago our little girl was born via a csection and she is prefect, not affected at all. The only thing I did wonder about was that she was breach all the way through and stuck in a very awkward position. In my case it did not matter as I was not hoping to have a natural labour due to 2 previous csections, but I did wonder if she couldn't turn because of the band.

Good luck to anyone who's had the same diagnosis, I will keep my fingers crossed for you xxx

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