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First post, waiting for NIFTY results, hate waiting!

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Teaandtoast1 Sun 06-Apr-14 10:44:28

Hello, I'm new but wanted to post here as I'm going out of my mind with worry waiting for my NIFTY results. I have a 1:5 risk of downs with a high NT reading. I'm 34.

I've found these threads really helpful, as upsetting as it is it's been a comfort to hear other women's experiences on here.

In 4 days into the wait and it's so frustrating :-(

LBNM19 Tue 08-Apr-14 17:09:20

Hiya, did they say how long the results will take?

Mines a bit different but I'm waiting for CVS results for a 1 in 4 chance of a untreatable condition (my 2 year old has)

It's really hard, I just want to no now xx

Teaandtoast1 Tue 08-Apr-14 20:25:21

They said upto 14 working days, it's been 5 working days now.

The wait is horrible isn't it, I'm struggling to concentrate at work, but don't want to just be say at home on my own either.

Hope you get your results soon xx

LBNM19 Tue 08-Apr-14 23:39:38

It's really hard mine are expected by Monday and that's all I can think about.

Good luck and hope you get them sooner than expected x

Teaandtoast1 Wed 09-Apr-14 19:00:54

I'd be tempted to ring on Friday, just in case they get them early. You never know. Think I may chance it and ring next week xx

LBNM19 Thu 10-Apr-14 15:52:06

I'm defiantly going to, had a call today saying all the basic tests c

LBNM19 Thu 10-Apr-14 15:52:32

Come back fine and she said hopefully tomorrow I'm worried sick x

LBNM19 Sun 13-Apr-14 08:51:20

Hi did you get your results back? Had mine back and were good. Baby due the 25/10/2014. Really hoping your results are good to xx

Teaandtoast1 Sun 13-Apr-14 09:47:09

Hi, no still waiting! It's technically been 9 working days now and they said 14, it's the fact it's working days that's making it feel longer!

Great news about you though! Brilliant, you must be so relieved x

LBNM19 Mon 14-Apr-14 22:38:40

Fingers crossed for you xx

Teaandtoast1 Wed 16-Apr-14 12:13:09

Well they rang today, and the results were inconclusive. So now I have to go back and have it done again. Then wait another 2-3 weeks. This is torture :-(

Teaandtoast1 Tue 06-May-14 17:03:58

Hello, just thought I'd post back as I'm sure most women are like me and will read everything going as you just can't help it.

I got my results from NIFTY and they told me I was 1:20. Although this sounds better than the 1:5 the hospital gave me I'm still non the wiser. I thought that NIFTY would tell me a yes or a no, or a high or low risk. Not another ratio! I understand that it's 99.999% effective bit still, I'd of been happy with that, but a 1:20 risk still doesn't help.

I've booked in for an amnio on Monday now so will hopefully know more then. Wish I'd of just done that first. I'm 17 weeks pregnant now and just feel cheated :-(

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

LuckyAugust Wed 07-May-14 20:24:19

What a horrible wait for you. I really hope you get a good outcome on monday. How long do you have to wait for results from an amnio for?

Teaandtoast1 Wed 07-May-14 20:29:32

They say 3 days. I'm not sure if that includes the day of the test. It's been 6 weeks now since we had our 12 week scan and started tests etc. I really didn't want to get this far of it's bad news.

LuckyAugust Wed 07-May-14 20:36:54

Have you made a definate decison of what you'll do based on the outcome? I can't imagine 6 weeks of not knowing and worrying. I had a TFMR earlier this year and within 5 days of being told something wasn't right at our 12 week scan (including the weekend) we knew what condition our daughter was affected by. Looking back I'm glad everything was done so quickly. It doesn't make it any easier for you though. 1-20 is still good odds but I know you're always going to imagine you're that one.......thanks thanks thanks thanks

Teaandtoast1 Thu 08-May-14 09:03:08

Thanks Lucky.

Yes, as hard as it's going to be we will end the pregnancy. I'm just angry that it's taken so long as it feels worse now.

I don't know what to think about the odds now though, NHS NT and bloods 1:5 but private foetal blood test (NIFTY) gave 1:20. It's all so confusing. X

LuckyAugust Thu 08-May-14 09:19:36

Will be thinking of you and praying you get a good result x

Teaandtoast1 Thu 08-May-14 09:43:08

Thanks Lucky x, I notice on another thread you are in your tww so fingers crossed for you too! Xxx

Nessalina Thu 08-May-14 09:58:25

Hi, just wanted to say good luck!
We were playing a similar waiting game last year - having found issues at the 12 week scan, I was 15+3 before we could have CVS due to awkward placenta placing and the wait drove me mad sad
With ours though the baby was visibly ill (fluid in chest) and we knew there was something up - turned out to be Turner's syndrome and I had TFMR at 16 weeks.
It sounds like your situation is quite different though - 1 in 20 is great odds for no issues, and the baby looks physically good at the scan, so hopefully all your waiting will be rewarded with a good result! smile
I'm pregnant again and in the 2nd week of my NIFTY TWOT now! No issues at scan but wanted to be sure. Will have fx for both of us!

Teaandtoast1 Thu 08-May-14 11:39:38

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Nessalina. It's great that you are pregnant again xx

I guess I'm confused about the NIFTY results now as they don't normally give you a ratio like that. I've rang ARC and they said there never heard of he results being given like that and are going to investigate.

I guess I just need to wait for the amnio now. It's all I can do. X

Nessalina Thu 08-May-14 11:55:53

That's true actually, I was under the impression that they either gave you a 1/2 or 1/99999 sort of thing! Deffo worth a chase...

Teaandtoast1 Thu 08-May-14 12:21:52

Exactly. If I'd of known there was a chance I'd get a result like that I wouldn't of bothered, or wasted the last 6 weeks in limbo. It said high risk but then 1:20 so I'm non the wiser. Even the midwife had never heard of it.

LuckyAugust Thu 08-May-14 18:13:36

Thanks teaandtoast- don't really expect it to happen our first month but you never know! x Thrilled to hear your 12 week scan went well nessalina; seems like it was only yesterday I read your post announcing your pregnancy- how quick thats gone although I'm sure it won't have for you. Hope other results come back ok too x

Nessalina Thu 08-May-14 22:22:38

Thanks Lucky smile Hope that you do get lucky very soon! Xx

LuckyAugust Sun 11-May-14 19:21:42

Hope tomorrow goes ok for you teaandtoast x

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