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Corpus callosum and cavum septum pellucidum not visible at 20wk scan

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J3n1982 Sat 15-Mar-14 17:23:28

We had out 20wk scan on Tuesday to be told the sonographer couldn't see the cavum septum pellucidum. We saw a foetal consultant on Wednesday who confirmed she could not see the CSP or the corpus callosum. Apparently there is no other abnormalities, the brain appears completely normal otherwise. As does the rest of baby.
We have been offered an amniocentesis on Monday to rule out (the very unlikely) chromosomal disorders. And have been referred for an MRI in 2 weeks to get more clue as to what is going on. Has anyone else been through this???

mb2512cat Mon 17-Mar-14 21:38:24

If you are going to have an amnio, please ask if they can look at the results using array CGH as well as conventional methods. We TFMR-ed in 2009 at 20wks due to agenesis of the corpus callosum and then at 29wks in 2011 due to ventriculomegaly. We had a cvs for the first baby and an amnio with the second and both came up clear. However it was only towards the end of 2011 did they decide to test the chromosomes using array CGH, which can catch much more subtle chromosome changes, and then we got a diagnosis. If they can do full testing then it might save you the heartache we went through, or at least reassure you that your chances of future issues are small. All the best with your pregnancy.

mozzarellamummy Fri 04-Apr-14 13:35:14

I had a TFMR in 2012 due to partial agenesis of cc ventriculomegaly, brain cysts.. Array CGH showed a chromosome disorder. Doctors told us we could try again because it was not hereditary, I'm now 35 weeks pregnant, again this time baby showed partial agenesis of cc but no other big issues up to now ..and she doesn't have the chromosome disorder detected last time. Unluckly agenesis of cc has a wide spectrum of outcomes but it seems isolated agenesis has much better outcomes and many babies are asymptomatic or show mild social and cognitive problems. I wish you the best for your little one!

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