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12 week scan.... Problems/abnormalities

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RhianMillar Mon 10-Mar-14 13:06:18

Had my 2nd 12 week scan after being asked back due to awkward fetal position. Been told that I need to come back in a couple if days to see the doctor as one legs appears tucked up. This could either be the way baby likes to put their leg or an abnormality of some kind. Now really worried ��. Any similar experiences?

LuckyAugust Tue 11-Mar-14 19:29:11

Didn't want to read and run..... With our first child we had a horrid 20 week scan and the sonographer told us she couldn't see his legs or spine clearly and we would have to go back. I imagined the worst. An agonising week later we returned and he had 'uncurled' and everything seen clearly. A different sonographer this time and she said they often just find a comfy position which they like. She also asked if the sonographer the previous week had asked us to go away and walk around a bit and have a drink as sometimes they just need a little encouragement to move into a better position. She hadn't and maybe if she had that week of worry could have been avoided. Hope your next scan goes better smile

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