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Harmony test

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Chompee Sat 15-Feb-14 21:49:07

Does anyone know where I can get the cheapest harmony test done. My nuchal measure came back at 1.20mm which was good but combined blood test came back the risk of baby having Down's syndrome 1 in 130 so therefore I have 129 chances of the baby being normal. I am concerned as my last pregnancy in 2011 was severely downs syndrome. Seeing as this risk result is high I'm not sure what next steps to take next. Has anyone else had this result and if so what was the out come


AliBingo Mon 17-Feb-14 10:11:13

I had mine in Cardiff but it was pretty expensive - £500 or £700, I forget which, about a year ago. Unfortunately mine came back high risk for Downs, and the price I paid included a CVS to confirm in such circs, which they did, and I ended up with a termination.

I think the test is quite expensive everywhere although you used to be able to get it cheaper in London sometimes.

Have you thought of going straight for a CVS/amnio on the NHS? I am not sure what they count as high risk, 1 in 130 doesn't sound too bad so hopefully you will be ok.

Good luck.

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