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Abnormalties at NT scan

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WowserBowser Mon 18-Nov-13 07:59:22

I went for my scan last week - i was 11.5.

There is too much fluid around the neck and a mass in front - possibly the bowels.

Now they didn't really tell me much, just that they were really sorry. Have been booked in for further tests (amino and cvs?) and to see a consultant on Wed.

I am assuming it is a certain syndrome and already assume i will need to terminate as the baby has no chance of life.

Does anyone have experience of any of this?

I'm devastated and lost.

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 18-Nov-13 10:50:19

wowser so sorry. I've not had this but had 2 pgs terminated after some pretty horrendous results at the 12 week scans and can sympathise with how devastated you must be feeling.

How far away are the other tests, have you been given a date? Are you under a consultant? Have you been given the number of someone to support you?

One of the things I found particularly frustrating the last time was the lack of information, nobody seemed willing to tell me anything. Also had to push for the tests to be brought forward and then when it was clear that I needed a d&c I had to insist on having one as soon as possible as they wanted to leave me another 2 weeks.

Has anyone mentioned arc to you? I'd give them a call and see what they say smile

Good luck and I hope you get the information and support you need thanks

Rooners Mon 18-Nov-13 10:51:45

I am so sorry. I hope you can get some more info soon about your little one.


Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 18-Nov-13 10:59:31

Sorry just reread your post and seen that you have an appointment for Wednesday. Do you have someone to go with you?

WowserBowser Mon 18-Nov-13 11:54:02

Thank you for your posts

Yes, my husband is coming with me.

Just had a chat with a consultant. Apparently the babys head looked misshapen too.

I'm so sorry you have had to go though this twice jilted life can be so bloody shite.

I am guessing the baby has something like Edwards Syndrome. I never ever thought i would have to terminate a pregnancy, now i feel naive.

I was really really worried about mmc. Bah.

I don't know if i am making any sort of sense. I've had a really tough old time over the last 5 years and has made part of me vulnerable and part of me hard as nails.

I just want it all over. The consultant said that after the test on Wed it shouldn't take too long.

How long did you have to wait for your results? Thank you for sharing with me, it helps xx

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 18-Nov-13 12:00:38

Mine was probably slightly different, it was so obvious from the scans that the baby just wouldn't survive that we had the mmc, in the advice if the consultant who assured us that I wouldn't vary over 24 weeks and would become increasingly ill. We did ask if anyone continued and she said yes, but she have not know one get to 24 weeks. So the decision was made and the cvs was done after the mmc.

Yes it is truly shite but you can get over this. I know have 2 beautiful DC and I'm sure your turn will come soon smile

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 18-Nov-13 12:04:45

Forgot to say, both times I was in theatre the same day, so try to pack an overnight bag and take it with you on Weds. I did have to insist the second time but when they realised I had my bag and really wasn't happy with being sent home they did the d&c that evening.

MissBattleaxe Mon 18-Nov-13 12:21:12

Dear wowser, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I went through something similar.

At the nuchal scan it gave me very highs odds for Downs so I had a CVS. It wasn't Downs but it turned out to be a severe chromosome duplication which meant serious problems for the baby, survival was in doubt. I had to have a termination, which was horrible to be honest- a four hour labour. I'd already had miscarriages prior to this.

However, I was pregnant within four months and my DS2 is an absolute joy and in good health.

It hurts like hell, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. My heart goes out to you.

WowserBowser Mon 18-Nov-13 12:48:37

Thank you so much both of you.

I do have a very gorgeous DS so all is not lost. I was just so happy to be pregnant sad Now i just want it all over as quickly as pissible.

Good tip about the over night bag. I assumed it would all be over and i would be out in a day.

I would want the surgical option. The consultant said they don't perform them at the hospital every day so i am preparing myself for a bit of a wait.


WowserBowser Mon 18-Nov-13 12:50:40

pissible obviously i meant possible but at least that raised a smile smile

Jiltedjohnsjulie Mon 18-Nov-13 12:54:57


One if mine happened between my DC. I'm sure it will all work out for you again wowser thanks

WowserBowser Mon 18-Nov-13 12:57:50

Thank you xxxx

CrispyFB Mon 18-Nov-13 13:42:26

I have nothing to add but just wanted to say I am sorry you are going through this, and I hope you can get some answers from the CVS thanks

WowserBowser Mon 18-Nov-13 17:20:30

Thank you Crispy

daftgeranium Tue 19-Nov-13 19:51:49

Hello Wowser, so sorry you are going through this.

At 42 and with my first, I went through similar just over a month ago. and it is the wait in between scans and results, and all the probabilities, that is difficult. With such a high nuchal the chances of baby being normal ARE still there (there are some positive stories here on Mn) but chances are also high of there being problems as you know, unfortunately.

We had nuchal of 9 and our little one didn't make it past 14 weeks. Tests afterwards showed it was Edward's which isn't compatible with life. But there are only slim chances of it happening again we understand.

I also wanted to say - I had a managed miscarriage (not the surgical option) and it wasn't nearly as horrible as I had thought - in fact it helped both of us with the grieving process I think.

Big hugs to you - you will get through it, whatever happens! PM me if you want to talk anything through, I will help if I can.

Jiltedjohnsjulie Wed 20-Nov-13 09:03:30

Will be thinking of you today thanks

WowserBowser Wed 20-Nov-13 20:37:48

I don't have much to say as today has been so hard and exhausting but i was so touched to see your 2 posts.

Thank you so much for thinking of me jilted - i find that really kind that a stranger has offered me support on the hardest day.

Unfortunately it wasn't good news and looks like Edwards syndrome. We could wait for further tests but i just can't put myself through any more when i feel like it's hopeless. I keep measuring smaller than i should be.

I hope i don't sound like I've just given up on my baby. I have a young Ds and i also have to think of him as he's become incredibly clingy as it is obviously effecting him too.

I am booked in for a termination (wrong word??) tomorrow am.

dafturanium i wish you all the look in the world. Unfortunately shit things happen to good people. If you ever want a chat then feel free.

Thanks again both.

WowserBowser Wed 20-Nov-13 20:38:15

Obviously i had more to say than i thought!

HaPPy8 Wed 20-Nov-13 20:42:55

Sorry to read this, I can't think of any helpful words but am sorry this is happening to you x

CrispyFB Wed 20-Nov-13 21:56:13

I am really sorry you didn't get better news, but it sounds like you were prepared. I hope the procedure goes as smoothly as possible. Be very kind to yourself - you were extremely unlucky indeed, and it was certainly nothing you had any control over.

Jiltedjohnsjulie Thu 21-Nov-13 08:18:58

Agree with happy and crispy, it is very! very unlucky but unlikely to happen again. For me, it just made me treasure my next Lo that bit more.

Hope it goes as well as possible today. Have a very unMN hug.

MissBattleaxe Thu 21-Nov-13 09:20:42

Dear Wowser. I'm so very sorry about your news. When I had my termination I was distraught but all the staff were immensely kind and I had lots of support. If you ever want to talk, you can PM me.

Even when it's dark, there are still stars.

I hope your luck changes after this. Thinking of you. thanks

FluffyDucky Fri 22-Nov-13 22:22:08

Hi Wowser, I have just read this thread and wanted to pass my love and thoughts to you. In June I had a termination at 15 weeks, we were told 12/13 weeks baby would not survive (she had Downs and too much fluid around the body)
You will probably be pretty tired and out of it these next few days so get as much rest as you can/need. Please use MN to vent, cry, talk, whatever you need. We are all here for you. XxXxXx

WowserBowser Fri 22-Nov-13 23:23:35

Thank you all so so much. Words on a screen my arse. You taking the time to talk to me makes the day a little easier.

So sorry you've all had to deal with similar xx

CointreauVersial Fri 22-Nov-13 23:33:33

Sympathies, Wowser. thanks Look after yourself.

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