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Pregnant with no2 and had freak out, anyone else?

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FoxyM Mon 09-Sep-13 17:00:34

Last night I had a meltdown after finding out we were expecting no2. Is this normal or does it mean something?

AngelaOxford Mon 09-Sep-13 19:36:47

Was it an unplanned pregnancy? Were you trying but didn't thought it'd happen this soon? Do you have an family trouble at the moment? How old is your first child?

We found out we were expecting baby no. 2, just a week before our son's 3rd birthday. We wanted a second child and we were lucky to conceive after only a month of trying. We are now only a few weeks before welcoming our daughter, and there are still times, I am wondering whether I will be able to cope, be a good mother and wife and a good employee. I think we all have times when we are overwhelmed by responsibility and a will to be excellent at many things.
What you need to do is take step back, take a deep breath, find something you enjoy doing, for example, taking a walk, go for a swim etc., and do exactly this. You will see that it will clear your mind.
Also try and talk to someone about your feelings.

Overall, try and stay positive! ;)

Dirtymistress Mon 09-Sep-13 19:43:08

It's normal. The reality of child number 2 is terrifyinggrin we started trying for ds2 straight after ds1 (lunatics). It took 8 months and when I finally saw the positive test, I felt like we had made a huge mistake. It will pass. You'll love them when they arrive. Even if they never sleep. Ever.

FoxyM Mon 09-Sep-13 20:35:26

We were trying but it did happen quickly so I guess it was a slight surprise as thought it would be as quick second time. My first is just 2 and I think it's just the reality of juggling it that suddenly struck. It's the financial and logistical stuff like childcare as I work full time and our parents help now but not sure they could cope with two or even want to. My husband and I talked for ages last night though and agreed we would find a way to make it work and wouldn't be able to go through with the alternative. I am trying not to think about it though as it does stress me out, is that normal? Will these feeling turn to excitement at some point?

movingmovingmoving Tue 11-Mar-14 02:48:13

In this exact situation, DD is 13 months, pregnancy is going to really badly affect work / career for me. Not sure if this is normal but I really wish I wasn't pregnant. I haven't slept since finding out a few days ago.

stowsettler Wed 19-Mar-14 08:31:34

PMd you moving

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