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High BetaHGC levels at Combined Test

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rosalux Sat 20-Jul-13 09:09:34

I recently had the results of my combined test at 12+6 (according to scan) and they came back as follows:

NT: 1.5mm
PAPP-A: 0.874 Mom
BetaHGC: 2.38 Mom

This, along with my age (34) has given me a risk factor of 1:959.

I appreciate that this is not a high risk figure as such, but in my last pregnancy the figures were (at 11+6)

NT: 1.2mm
PAPP-A: 1.403 MoM
BetaHGC: 0.952 MoM

Which, along with my then age (32) gave me a risk factor of 1:12988

And, whilst I was expecting the risk to be greater this time, I wasn't expecting such a huge difference.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of higher than normal HGC levels and what they could mean. I've seen stuff on the internet about it indicating hyperemesis, but I've not had this, or possibly a girl (too early to tell). I'm debating having the harmony test, but at £750 it's a lot of money and I would have to travel as they don't offer it in my city.

Any thoughts appreciated

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