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How accurate are early scans?

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LRD07 Sun 07-Jul-13 21:25:20

I'm desperate for a bit of reassurance

Had a scan yesterday due to brown/bright red blood discharge starting a few days ago.

Going by my LMP I should be around 7 + 5 however at the scan I was measured at 6. It's just not possible for me to be only 6

Obviously I'm worried this is a missed miscarriage. I have to go back next week for another scan so until then it's a waiting game. I know it's not looking good and I'm preparing for the worst but there's still that bit of hope that there's been a mistake and that my dates are slightly out as well as the sonographers.

I'm also worried because no heartbeat was picked up. If I was 6 weeks then I know it's still quite early but if I was further on as my dates suggest then surely they would have detected the heartbeat? Or is it sometimes difficult?

Has anyone else been dated wrong at an early scan? Has anyone ever had trouble with picking up the heartbeat?

Rockchick1984 Sun 07-Jul-13 23:14:21

Why isn't it possible for you to be only 6 weeks, if you ovulated late then implantation took a while you could easily be a week or so behind where you expected to be. At 6 weeks its almost impossible to see a heartbeat so I wouldn't be too concerned about that with the size. IME of early scans (one successful pregnancy, one that later ended in MMC) and they only ever told me how far along I was in full weeks (eg 6+5 they just told me 6 weeks). Hoping it all goes well at your next scan flowers

BeyonceCastle Sun 07-Jul-13 23:46:27

Hello there flowers

you did count from first day of last period not last day didn't you?
hope it all goes well, 6 weeks too early for heartbeat, when is your next appointment? Did you share your fears with the sonographer?
I was the opposite - they insisted I was a week further than I was and I was sure of my dates then they expressed concern I was measuring small at 15 weeks. Much much later my predicted diabetes meca baby ended up being a reasonable 8lb 2oz.
You may be in between your estimate and theirs (6+6?) would not expect distinct heartbeat until 8-9 weeks, with my dc anyway.
Have you been throwing up a lot? eating well? Keeping fingers crossed for you...xx

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