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Waiting for amino - 1:20 risk

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Laurs7 Mon 10-Jun-13 18:51:32

Hi, I have just had an amino booked for next Tuesday as my bloods came back with a 1:20 risk. I'm trying to stay optimistic but it's soooo hard!! We have been told it will take 72 hours for the result which isn't too bad I guess. Is anyone else in the same boat or is there any advice you can give? :-/ Laura x

Solo Mon 10-Jun-13 23:39:03

Just thought I'd bump you along with a post. I don't have personal experience, but I know someone that had similar risk, didn't go in for an amnio and her Ds was and is absolutely fine.
Try not to worry too much (hard I'm sure) and I hope things turn out to be 100% great for you all. Good luck.

sleepyhead Tue 11-Jun-13 00:25:27

I had a slightly better risk but not much: 1:27.

Had the amnio at 17 weeks. The procedure itself was fine - didn't hurt - and we could see the baby on the screen all the time so we knew he was ok. The doctor who carried it out did a thorough scan first to check for any other markers/position of the placenta etc and was really good at explaining what was going on.

The waiting was grim, but the result came back clear, and as the specialist midwife said to me, that was always by far the most likely result - yes, 1:20 is classed as high risk, but all it means is that out of 20 women with exactly the same screening results as you, 19 would have babies with normal chromosomes. The chance of your baby having Down Syndrome is 5% which is small.

I know none of this makes it any easier just now. It hits you right in the guts when you have to confront the possibility that all might not be as straightforward as you expected. I spent a lot of time researching Down Syndrome online and I found a lot of comfort in all the positive stories out there about babies with DS, but you'll know what is best for you and your family.

Good luck. DS2 is 9 weeks and perfect. I hope you also get good news and go on to have an easy rest of your pregnancy.

Ponders Tue 11-Jun-13 00:39:59

I had amnio, years ago, purely because of my age (41) - I didn't have any other tests to measure potential risk, I don't think they were available then (1992)

I can't remember exactly but I think the results took 3-4 weeks to come through & yes, the waiting was very grim. Nobody apart from DH knew I was pregnant though

Hoping for the best result for you, OP smile

AliBingo Tue 11-Jun-13 16:13:49

Just try and hold onto the fact that if it's 1 in 20, that's a 95% chance that everything will be fine, which sounds pretty good to me.

All you can do is try and stay positive and keep busy I guess - it will be hard - good luck with the test, I hope it turns out to be fine.

Laurs7 Wed 12-Jun-13 20:20:30

Thanks ladies. Feeling more positive now, just a bit nervous about the procedure but keeping everything crossed x

Smitten1981 Wed 12-Jun-13 20:25:00

I has a 1:15 chance two months ago. All was clear from the CVS.

It's hard, but try to keep positive. You have 19 chances everything is fine.

Laurs7 Wed 19-Jun-13 18:34:31

Had the amnio yesterday and it wasn't has bad as I thought. We should have the results Friday...very hard not to think about it all the time but trying to keep busy.

AliBingo Wed 19-Jun-13 19:10:06

Its not long to wait and then you will hopefully be able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. The waiting is a killer though.

Laurs7 Fri 21-Jun-13 17:50:29

Well no results today so I rang the hospital and they said it will be Monday now :-( the waiting is so awful, but hopefully no news is good news.

chryssa Fri 21-Jun-13 21:55:13

Sorry you have to wait longer, I hope you get the news you want to hear xxx

Artichook Sun 23-Jun-13 15:30:16

Sorry you have had to wait all weekend for results. I just wanted to say I was given a 1:10 risk and now have a perfectly healthy 6 week old. I hope you have a similarly happy outcome.

hellymelly Sun 23-Jun-13 15:38:44

Waiting for results is hellish. I chose not to have amnio (risk of 1-65) as I would have had dd whatever, (she doesn't have Down's). But friends have had the tests and the waiting has been the worst part. All the women I know given higher than normal odds had babies without Down's, if that helps.

mumofapirate Sun 23-Jun-13 18:30:05

hope they ring you first thing mon.

Laurs7 Mon 24-Jun-13 13:55:03

Well it's almost 2pm and I'm still waiting!! I have just rang the senior midwife and she said she will ring the lab later as she is having to chase up someone else's results. I really hope they don't leave it until tomorrow :-(

AliBingo Mon 24-Jun-13 13:56:42

Gosh nightmare, I hope they hurry up!

Laurs7 Mon 24-Jun-13 14:53:25

Just got the call and the fish test is all clear!! Apparently my faxed results were 'misplaced'!! Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight :-)

AliBingo Mon 24-Jun-13 16:37:20

Great news congrats smile

hellymelly Mon 24-Jun-13 22:35:29

Good news, so glad all is fine.

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