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Hospital recommendations for maternity care - Surrey and SW London

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Jan2014M2B Fri 17-May-13 10:33:15

Hi ladies

I've just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant, due Jan 2014. It is our first baby and we are obviously over the moon but very nervous!

I am in the process of considering what hospital to go to. My private health insurance doesn't cover maternity care so it will be NHS all the way. Kingston and Epsom hospitals would be the nearest to where we live but I've come across a lot of bad stories about them so am considering going a little further afield if they'll accept me, maybe C&W or QC. Neither myself nor my husband are originally from the UK (although we've been living here almost 9 years) and are the first amongst our friends to become pregnant so there's nobody near me that I can ask for advise.

I'm due to see my GP on Tuesday for the first time and will obviously ask his/her opinion (I've only just registered with my local surgery so am not familiar with them either!) but if anyone out there can share their views / experiences of these hospitals it would be much appreciated! Thanks a mill :-)

littleomar Tue 21-May-13 20:26:44

I had two at Kingston, one in main delivery and one in Malden suite, both great deliveries. Postnatal care a bit patchy but ok. Best thing is they only have single and double rooms - no ward after birth. Wish I could go there for number 3! Think about distance - we wouldnt have got there on time for ds2 if we'd gone somewhere else.

StormBird Thu 23-May-13 13:14:51

Hi OP,

You'll find there are LOADS of mixed reviews about every Hospital with a Maternity Unit.

I'm under the Epsom & St Helier Trust and have chosed to go back to St Helier again based on the fantastic care I have received through all 4 of my pregnancies (with good and bad outcomes).

It's about where you would feel most comfortable.

Why don't you ask if you can have a look around both and then make your mind up?

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