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Cervical length at 21 weeks - 28mm. Worried

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sw25 Fri 17-May-13 10:16:49

Currently 21.5 weeks pregnant and cervix measured 28mm at 20 week scan. I had a come biopsy 10 years ago when a fair amount of tissue was removed.

I mentioned the cone biopsy right from the beginning - to my doc/midwife - and assumed that I'd be scanned regularly and kept a close eye on. At 16 weeks I still hadn't seen a consultant or had cervix measured so phoned midwife and asked to be seen ASAP. Seen by a junior consultant but still not offered a cervical measurement at this stage. He said they never do them until 20 weeks, which seems crazy to me.

Anyway, finally had it measured on Tues and came back as 28mm. Woman doing it would not discuss the result at all and said I'd need to speak to my consultant who I want due to see for another month!!! Phoned midwife who said 28mm is within normal limits - even if you've had a come biopsy surgery?

My main concern is that because I wasn't measured earlier in pregnancy, I have no point of reference to know whether my cervix has been shortening throughout the pregnancy. Should I be insisting on weekly measurements? And what about having a cerclage? Isn't it too late now to have this done? Feel a bit angry that I wasn't measured earlier on. I was so ill with morning sickness for first 4 months that I want really proactive about the while cervix thing and now feel guilty. I'm so scared of losing this baby that I don't want to get out of bed.

legallyblond Fri 21-Jun-13 11:53:05

Hi there! We have a short cervix club on the antenatal clubs board... Come join!

To be honest, from what I know, 28mm really is within the normal range. My consultant has explained that for a singleton pregnancy, he wouldn't usually treat/ intervene with a cervix above 20mm. I am expecting twins and my cervix was 21mm - the drop off for twins is more like below 25 - 30mm. The usual treatment for a cervix that us short or shows signs of funnelling (opening from the top) is a mixture of one or more of:

- cervical stitch (I had this at 24 weeks - the only signifucants risks are if you have it much later, more like at 30 weeks);
- progester

legallyblond Fri 21-Jun-13 11:57:17

Sorry, sorry posted too soon!

- progesterone pessaries;
- regular scanning (every 2-4/6 weeks);
- testing for Fetal fibronectin (sp?) which leaks out if prem labour is imminent.

I have the stitch and get scanned every 2 weeks.

Bed rest, although its common in the US, is not advised by any doctors here, albeit after a stitch, you normally have to take it easy. The one thing that all doctors seem to say for those with a short cervix is no sex!!

Come join the club!!

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