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High HCG?

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NovemberAli Thu 16-May-13 17:12:22

The results for my combined test came back at 1:45, due mainly to high HCG (nuchal was 2.7mm and PAPP-A normal) so we opted for CVS. The first results have come back negative so I'm very relieved but does a high HCG result have any other implications? The midwife didn't give us the figures but I'm assuming it was quite high to raise my risk that much.

diege Sat 18-May-13 14:37:07

Hi, I've had similar with all of my pregnancies (ie. high HcG resulting in false pos screening result). As far as I am aware (and I work I screening) high Hcg in and of itself is usually implicated in twin pregnancies, in women who have hyperemesis, and a lot higher than average levels in babies with downs syndrome (and lot lower in Edwards syndrome). Your cvs results would rule out the latter (and your scan the former!) so it will be for you (as for me) just 'one of those things that some women seem to have in pregnancy' (quote from consultant). I was told that some women just produce more hcg than others, and for them this is normal and may occur again in future pregnancies. So try to relax, nothing else that it can signify, and hopefully you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy now xx

NovemberAli Sun 19-May-13 19:35:07

Thank you, that is really helpful. I think I'm a natural born worrier, am going to try to relax a bit more now smile

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