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Combined test on Monday - nervous!

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Aimee76 Thu 25-Apr-13 13:58:32

Hello ladies,

I am just a complete worry wart at the moment and panicking about my nuchal scan next Monday - it seems to be coming round so slowly and being an older mum this time round (37 - was 33 when I became pregnant with my daughter, had lovely low risk results with her and she was perfect!), am really worried about my results for the combined test (had bloods taken at my booking appointment on Monday so should get my results at the same time as my scan, eeeek!) for Down Syndrome or other disorders. I know there is no point worrying as it's not going to change anything, and I'm trying to forget about it but it's proving nigh on impossible!

Is anyone else in the same boat?

Aimee xx

Skygirls Fri 26-Apr-13 05:54:09

I think everyone worries about what the results will be, because subconsciously, the thoughts of 'bad' results are also there.

I had my 3rd DC at 40, and yes there was a worry since I was that much older, but the results were fine and DC is a lovely, healthy baby.

It's normal to worry. Try not to stress out and good luck for Monday.

Aimee76 Fri 26-Apr-13 12:24:22

Thanks Skygirls for your email, I appreciate it. I know there's no point in worrying, what will be will be!

It's reassuring to know that you had a normal result at 40, I guess I just need to see what they say on Monday.

Thanks again :-)


BelissimaLol Fri 26-Apr-13 23:27:45

I'm 39 and my risk came back as 1/37000 grin
Try not to worry!

Skygirls Mon 29-Apr-13 21:28:27

So how did it go today aimee?
Hope you got a good result. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

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