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AFP and screening for abnormalities

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curlywurlyllass Tue 30-Jul-13 11:50:58

Glad your results were fine, im still waiting for mine (sonographer couldnt get a clear pic at my 12week scan so gave up on the nt measurement so i was sent off to return for the triple/quad test a few weeks later, wasnt fully explained to me)

How long did u wait for your official results? I was told if i was high risk i would get a phonecall within a week (11days ago now) and if low risk they wouldnt phone

Hazeydays Mon 24-Jun-13 23:56:26

just wanted to say thank you ladies. All lab tests came back normal. :-)
it ended up taking a week but having spoken to the genetics branch in the laboratory the test itself is brief but paperwork in sending results may take longer. I hope this clarifies for anyone else in a similar position.

ladies, thank you for your support, its very much appreciated

LittlePoot Mon 22-Apr-13 17:56:20

Gosh-how worrying for you-I hope you're bearing up ok. I didn't have the quad test myself because I'd managed to have the nuchal and associated bloods so I was told this wouldn't add any new information. But six weeks doesn't sounds right at all-the one week you were told originally was more what I would expect. Even the full results from a cvs or amnio come faster than that and there they need to grow cells and do further tests on those. This is just a blood test and no element of that should take more than a few days to analyse. I'd suggest calling the hospital again for clarification. One thing that could be in your favour though is that bad test results always come faster than good ones-usually by telephone very quickly with discussion of your next options. Maybe hold onto that for comfort in the meantime but do speak to someone else at the hospital as this timing is not helpful at all. Perhaps also ask if your anomaly scan can be brought forward (I had mine at 18 weeks due to some elevated risks) so that you have the chance to consider further testing or amnio if you'd like to. Fingers crossed all is well and you get some clearer answers soon.

geminigirl Sun 21-Apr-13 23:11:46

So sorry I have no good advice for you but hopefully this bump will get your thread back into circulation.

Hazeydays Sun 21-Apr-13 12:42:39

Morning ladies, I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with information about how long quad testing can take.

I was ill through my childhood and, at 33, this is my first pregnancy- something that I never thought would happen because of all the treatment operations and medications I had to take for my illness.

I went for my 12 week scan but after 4 attempts we were unable to get a nuchal translucency as little one was doing a very good impression of tigger so I asked to have a blood test done instead.

At 16+3 I had bloods taken which were for a quad test, and the nurse had said to me these results would be with me in a week,but having not heard anything in that time i contacted the hospital and they said the results took 6 weeks???

That would preculde an early detailed scan and give a very short window to make any decisions.

can any of you tell me how long it took for you guys to get the quad results? (hcG, AFP inhbin and estriol)

the not knowing and worry is just awful and all I can think about is the damage the drugs I had to take might have done to my eggs...

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