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Squidwoman Wed 23-Jan-13 23:07:32

I have booked a 12 week scan at the Fetal Medicine Centre and also have a 12 week scan appointment through the NHS. I'm 41 so concerned about the risk of abnormalities and want to be able to get a CVS if necessary and get results ASAP. Does anyone know how quickly CVS test/results happen on the NHS? I would have to go to St. George's (not my local hospital) for one whereas FMC do it all on the same day. Any advice from anyone who's been in a similar position? Thanks!

MumOfMissy Thu 24-Jan-13 03:09:13

No experience with CVS but I will say I had my first baby at 39, I had a scan on the NHS at Roehampton and a scan done privately at the Birth Company, Harley Street. The quality of the private scan was worlds apart, so much clearer than the NHS one which was like looking at a snowstorm, you could hardly make out anything. The risk factor results I got were also very different, the private one gave me a much lower risk ratio as they were able to measure the nuchal space much more accurately. I'd say go for private and NHS scan and compare difference. Only do CVS if you really have to. Good luck, feel free to ask me any questions.

CaseyShraeger Thu 24-Jan-13 07:30:49

With DC3 when I was 38 I had my 12 week scan at the FMC largely because they would take bloods, then do the scan and have the blood results back by the time the scan was done so that I could have a risk factor immediately (also they take more factors into consideration so they give more accurate risks) and then have the CVs right away if appropriate. My risk level was actually fine (better than with DC1 or DC2) so I didn't have the CVS but I really valued the potential to do everything at once.

MumOfMissy Thu 24-Jan-13 08:12:03

Yes forgot to say same as Casey, with private scan I got bloods, scan and result all on same day.

FlamingGallah Thu 24-Jan-13 14:10:27

First off, congratulations!

I've had 12 week nuchal scans at FMC with all 3 of my pregnancies, and they're fantastic. The quality of the scan and machines is excellent (I work in the field) and by the end of the scan you'll have a detailed risk assessment of the likelihood of abnormality. My NHS scan was perfectly adequate, but I was simply given a "high"/"low" risk which wasn't detailed enough for me.

With DC2, I was 40 and the nasal bone wasn't visible on the 12 week scan, giving me a risk of 1/300. I know a lot of people would be happy with that, but the absent bone really worried me and I had a CVS at FMC a few days later. In total it cost about £500 for the nuchal scan and CVS, but the Prof himself always does them (unless on leave etc) and he has an extremely low miscarriage rate.

I'm now almost term with DC3 at the age of 41. In view of what happened last time, I booked myself in for both a nuchal and a CVS straight off as I was convinced the risks of abnormality could only be higher than before. As it turned out, my risk was waaaaaay better than expected for age, so on the day we decided against proceeding to CVS. I hope it was the right decision.

A CVS is not without risk, and not to be taken lightly, but at FMC you are in the hands of a world leader. I would do as others have suggested, have your nuchal and take it from there. As regards then having a CVS, It's whether you have the funds to go private. At FMC the Prof does all the procedures on a Wednesday, and you get the results that Friday. I can't comment on George's, but NHS elsewhere usually takes longer.

Another point to consider is that I believe FMC are offering the Harmony test now too, where they look for fetal DNA in a blood sample from you. It is meant to be extremely accurate and may reassure you without the need for a CVS at all.

I think it all depends what level of risk you are happy with, and what degree of certainty you need; also whether it would alter your actions as regards your pregnancy.

Apologies for the essay, but having been through it I fully sympathise. Am happy to answer any other questions..


Squidwoman Thu 24-Jan-13 14:40:29

Thank you for your very helpful replies. I really appreciate the time you have taken to write them. I am booked at FMC on a Wednesday so know I can have the cvs straight away if necessary and my NHS appointment came through for the very next day. I can't afford two days off work so will probably cancel the NHS one. I would like to be certain about this- this is DC4- my others are aged 13, 11 and 8 so a child with serious health problems would affect them as well as myself plus other half.

I actually had a nuchal scan with DD2 at FMC 12 years ago and it was great but what I don't know is how much the NHS has moved on since then!

MumOfMissy Thu 24-Jan-13 15:03:51

I think you're wise to go with fmc, my NHS results took at least a week through the post. Good luck xx

JennyC80 Mon 04-Feb-13 15:31:00

Hello, had CVS done last Thursday and got results today given over the phone. Good luck! smile

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