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RH NEGATIVE and Sensitization queston

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looneytune Wed 09-Jan-13 13:07:34

Anyone able to help with this thread?

MelodyHarmony Wed 09-Jan-13 20:45:40

I'm RH negative and have had four pregnancies. What's your specific question?

3littlewomen Wed 09-Jan-13 20:48:08

Same as melody - on 5th pregnancy, Rh-, always being sensible regarding anti-D after any falls etc.

Not sure what the question is

looneytune Wed 09-Jan-13 21:43:37

Sorry, the question was on the other thread but I think I know the answer now. Just wanted to know how soon after a mix of baby and mother's blood does the body start producing antibodes.

3littlewomen - this is my 5th pregnancy too (although 3rd baby) and I thought I knew what I needed to know about when to get an anti d (although what they offered 10 years ago isn't the same as now) but I've learnt more in this pregnancy. I've had 8 tiny bleeds so far since I was 14 weeks (now 17) and I didn't get an anti d until 13 days (and 5 bleeds) after it all started. I'd been to 2 GPs but never told that I needed an anti d, it was only when talking on MN that I was advised to phone the hospital (one GP told me not to and to go back to GP if had more) and the hospital told me to come straight in for an anti d and to let them know about every single bleed no matter how tiny. I'm now under consultant care and they have sent off for a special test which will tell us what this baby's RH factor is (dh is +). I wanted to know about the antibodies because I believe there has been a mix of blood but no antibodies have been detected so I wanted to know how soon my body would produce them. I now believe this is quite quick so I feel better about the gap between the earlier bleeds and getting the anti d.

Does what I've just said make sense? (sorry, feeling half asleep at the mo! wink)

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