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GnTmummy Sat 05-Jan-13 20:22:21

Hi all,

I just wanted to get an opinion on people's views about an antenatal class that i run. It is a one off research evidenced antenatal class that shows parents how to engage with their infant in a way that facilitates their cognitive, social and emotional development. In the research study the class was shown to increase parental enjoyment of their infant and overall attachment security - which is the cornerstone of healthy personality development across the lifespan. I am getting a lot of parents saying that this has been the most helpful information they have had during the pregnancy and that it should be available to everyone.

I should say, I am a psychologist with extensive expertise in infant mental health.

Id like to get a view at a national level, would you be interested in a class like this?

With thanks in advance for your help!

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