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CVS tomorrow

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massagegirl Thu 29-Nov-12 09:20:31

Hi ladies
Had 12 week scan last Thursday with large nuchal measurement. They tried to do CVS last fri but too risky with position of placenta. Trying again tomorrow but I'm not hopeful. They didn't talk to me about nasal bone but in notes said 'unable to examine' which doesn't sound hopeful, sadly. Waiting is just the worst. If they can't do tomorrow it means another week or so until amino.
This is my first pregnancy. I'm 33. I'm finding it hard to function, just feel so down and tearful. I can't work as I am a teacher for very young children with special needs and it just feels too emotional. In my head this pregnsncy is over, I am not optimistic but each day I'm getting bigger, full of hormones and still being sick..... Just don't know what to do sad

suzyrut Thu 29-Nov-12 10:04:01


Was supposed to have my CVS on Tuesday but they couldn't do it because my bowel was in the way, am now rescheduled for next Monday and am not hopeful that I won't have to wait another week after that for an amnio. I don't really have any advice but just wanted to say I totally understand the dissapointment and frustration when you're told that they can't do the proceedure and the exhaustion waiting for news. I've gone back to work today just to keep my mind off things but I understand in your proffession how it would be just the opposite.

What was your nuchal measure, did you they do the blood test too and did they give you a risk level?

massagegirl Thu 29-Nov-12 10:26:29

Thanks for you reply. It's horrible isn't it. It was 3.9 then 4 on second scan when they couldn't do cvs. Same my bowel in way, placenta was in back wall. I asked to not be told the blood results as if the odds are high or low I'll still feel crap and it wouldn't ease my mind but might make me even more down.
Well done for getting back to work. I wish I could just to occupy myself. Hope you are coping ok. Xx

suzyrut Thu 29-Nov-12 10:43:08

Don't know if this is possible for you but my dp and I took the day off when I had planned to be recovering yesterday and went and did Christmas shopping then went to the cinema. Didn't totally take my mind off things but I did at least feel distracted for a while. It's hard getting up and out of the house, all I felt like doing was lying around in bed but I really felt better for it once I'd done it.

I am ok today am have had quite a few problems with this pregnancy already, my dating scan was actually my 5th scan so I think I'm getting used to the rollercoaster. I won't tell you to stay positive because that can only come from inside really and people telling you that there's nothing you can do or that it may well be ok doesn't help when you're in the midst of it all.

Fortunately I have a really lovely boss and my dp, friends and family are being amazing even my ex mother in law who was not exactly delighted to learn I was pregnant has been very supportive. Amazing really because I don't feel like I'm being the nicest person to be around!

Are you getting much support from your RL friends and family?

massagegirl Thu 29-Nov-12 10:48:56

Yeah amazing support. My mum came to visit the past couple of days and really lifted my spirits. My partner has tomorrow off and as I'm sure they won't be able to do cvs I think christmas shopping and lunch would be good idea, in fact we were meant to do that on day of 12 week scan but I was but of mess afterwards.
I had bleeding in early pregnancy so am also no stranger to the scan! I get them to turn screen away now as just too hard to see what loos like healthy baby wriggling around but we all deal with things differently.
Glad you have goid support, it makes such a huge difference.

suzyrut Thu 29-Nov-12 16:03:40

In case I don't get chance to log on again later I just want to wish you good luck tomorrow xx

massagegirl Thu 29-Nov-12 17:20:58

Thank you! Xx

suzyrut Fri 30-Nov-12 11:57:54


Just to let you know I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you today, hope your appointment has gone/is going to go well.


massagegirl Fri 30-Nov-12 12:56:31

Hi Suzy
As I thought placenta hadn't moved. Amnio booked a week on Monday.
Really hope you have better luck at yours.
Off Xmas shopping now... Good distraction!

suzyrut Fri 30-Nov-12 13:05:09


Really sorry to hear that, I think I'm feeling pretty resigned to the same fate. Hope you can relax and get some good Christmas shopping under your belt!


massagegirl Sun 02-Dec-12 19:23:38

Hi Suzy
Just to say good luck tomorrow. Hope they can do cvs.
Fingers crossed. I went in totally not expecting them to do it so wasn't to disappointed but still frustrating as each week passes belly getting bigger!

suzyrut Mon 03-Dec-12 09:50:28


Thanks, I know what you mean about the belly getting bigger, struggled to get into even my biggest trousers this morning but daren't buy anything maternity as it feels like it would be bad luck! I'm just relying on baggy tops and long scarves at the moment!

I have convinced myself it's not going to happen today anyway as I can't see how my insides can have rearranged themselves enough in 6 days, have even gone into work this morning and will just go straight to the hospital from here.

Do you know if there's a chance that they won't be able to do an amnio at 15 weeks? I'm so paranoid now I've started to worry that I won't have enough fluid!


massagegirl Mon 03-Dec-12 10:03:54

I asked the doctor the same thing as was so worried about them not bring able to do amnio. She said actually the position of placenta being bad for cvs should make amnio easier and it's rare not to be able to do it. Think ill actually go mad if they can't do it!
That's good you're in work, I'm actually missing work and a normal routine but hopefully not much longer. Good thing about no work is I can live in leggings and they're stretchy!
Good luck! Xxx

suzyrut Mon 03-Dec-12 17:45:46


Well to my surprise they managed to do the cvs, wasn't pleasant but really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Am relieved but now just in that nervy period of waiting for the cramping to start and hoping it doesn't get any worse than that.

Dp has practically chained me to the sofa and will take tomorrow off work. They've said that they should have the results by Thursday, have very mixed feelings Bout fixing out now, I won't to know but just don't know how I'd face bad news. Eurgh there is just nothing ok about this process!

Hope you're doing ok, are you booked in for Friday again?

Suzy xx

suzyrut Mon 03-Dec-12 17:47:00

Sorry can't type well on iPad, I meant that I have mixed feelings about finding out the results!

massagegirl Mon 03-Dec-12 18:39:35

Really pleased they could do it, that's great. Have fingers crossed you get good results. I'm in for amnio next Monday just want it done now! The waiting is just horrible. Definitely you need to have relaxing day tomorrow, lots of time on the sofa.
I guess I'm being pretty negative in just expecting bad news, but have got my head around the fact we'd probably terminate and so I am just finding the waiting really hard. I've just found that the drs don't give you much hope but I guess they can't tell you it will all be alright!
Hope you have a relaxing evening being looked after! Xx

massagegirl Wed 05-Dec-12 08:11:29

Hope you are feeling ok and haven't been in too much discomfort xx

suzyrut Wed 05-Dec-12 09:23:39


Was strictly confined to the sofa under dps orders yesterday he was lovely and wouldn't let me move a muscle! Haven't really had any discomfort but have kept myself dosed up with paracetamol. Noticed a bit of spotting this morning but apparently that's normal, will keep an eye on it though.

I feel like I'm in a bit of a bubble at the moment and now we might actually be getting results I almost want to go back a week as it's starting to get a bit real again, can't win really!

Hope you're holding up ok.

Suzy xx

massagegirl Wed 05-Dec-12 10:06:34

Fingers crossed for your results. Is this your first baby?
I'm ok keeping busy and talking stuff through with understanding friends has been really helpful. Feel more positive about everything whatever the outcome. To start with it feels like the end of the world and then you end up being more practical so I feel more mentally prepared for bad news, think I'd fall off my chair if it was good news!

suzyrut Wed 05-Dec-12 10:27:20

hiya. No this is my 3rd I have two older children who are 12 and 9 and the blood tests weren't around when I had them just the nuchal scans. I'm now a lot older (38 when this one arrives) which puts me at a higher risk anyway.

It's quite hard hiding this from my other children, have been snappy and ill tempered and making excuses for them staying with my ex husband and grandparents so that I could do the tests. It's also quite hard as my tummy is enormous!

I think in a way it's easier to prepare for the worst and I really haven't got comfortable with this pregnancy because of the previous worries we've had as well so being given the all clear would be a huge surprise for me too.

Most of my friend have been great, my mum is the only one who doesn't think before she speaks sometimes her best comment so far being..."well if it doesn't work out at least you know you can still conceive quickly" (we conceived in the first month!)

massagegirl Wed 05-Dec-12 11:19:05

I'm 33 and conceived first month too, first baby and hoped it would go bit smoother than this! Must be so hard with your other children when you just want to curl up and deal with what's going on.
Some people don't think before they speak, 2 of my friends had abortions due to not being ready rather than anything wrong and say they understand but it's just not the same! Xx

suzyrut Thu 06-Dec-12 09:52:05

Ha yep I thought that, my two previous pregancies, although they had their problems, where nothing like as stressful as this one.

Yikes no having a termination for "not being ready" isn't the same and i speak as someone who is pro-choice and has had a termination, the decision making process felt nothing like this.

This is my dp's first child and I think he's concerned that if this one doesn't work out I won't want to do it again and I honestly don't know right now how quickly I'd want to start the whole process again.

Fortunately/unfortunately I've got a really important piece of work to do today so it's keeping my mind off phoning the hospital, don't know if it's going to be my best work though!

suzyrut Thu 06-Dec-12 09:52:35

sorry that was a bit of a rambly post, not quite with it! xx

snapple21 Thu 06-Dec-12 12:43:59

i have my fingers crosed for you and i hope you get a good outcome. having been where you are 5 weeks ago if you need to talk no matter what the result feel free to pm me xx

suzyrut Thu 06-Dec-12 13:38:53

Thank you snapple and massagelady. It was good news, I can't believe it, honestly still think I'm in shock. Will now have extra fingers and toes to keep crossed for a good result for you next week xxx

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