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Have i made a mistake !

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antoniya Wed 24-Oct-12 22:00:11

I went to see my GP last week ( week 8 ) and she checked my weight ,asked if i smoke,checked my blood preasure . Now i received 2 letters from the hopital one for appointment with midwife next week(10th week) and one for my Fetal appointment in my 12th week. I moved my midwife appointment at the same day as the Fetal appointmnet on 16th as i havent told my employer i am pregnant and it is difficult to take another day off. Have i made a mistake ? i know the midwife is supposed to give me some paperwork but i thought i might as well do it the same day i do the Fetal appointment as i've been to see my GP last week. I am wondering if i should call and go to see the midwife next week ?

katiecubs Fri 26-Oct-12 08:51:56

sorry i don't quite understand what a fetal appointment is (scan?). I just had my scan and booking in apt and my scan actually happened before i saw the midwife as she didn't have any time before that. Either way i don't see there should be a problem.

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