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Just had my first appointment with the GP and havent received any information !

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antoniya Thu 18-Oct-12 10:32:00

Hi ,

Just had my first appointment with a GP and i was really disappointed . She tried to get me out of the cabinet as quick as possible having no intention explaining whatsoever . I had some concerns about the white discharge i am having and she gave me a pill which i am not sure if i should take it as i am still in my early pregnancy and this i believe can affect the baby . Can i change the GP and how?

whatinthewhatnow Thu 18-Oct-12 10:37:44

what's the pill?

You need to see your midwife, not the GP for all your pregnancy information. Do you have a booking appointment soon?

antoniya Thu 18-Oct-12 10:45:51

the pill is called Clotrimazole and thats what i thought that i need to see midwife from now on but the GP said i will be seeing her and the midwife through and they will share the appointment which i am not very keen on . i am really nervous to be honest and not sure what to do .

antoniya Thu 18-Oct-12 10:49:19

The GP said she send a request and midwife is suppost to call me in the next week or so . Also , is it true that every time you go to see midwife you see different one ? i thought it is the same midwife every time throughout my pregnancy !

Nicknamenotavailableeither Thu 18-Oct-12 10:58:46

I think it depends on where you live if you see the same midwife. I have seen the sane one each time (lucky, I know) as I was booked as part of a caseload team because of where I live. This midwife will also deliver my baby at the birth centre.

I only saw my GP for my initial appointment.

antoniya Thu 18-Oct-12 11:02:29

I live at Westminster and chose St Thomas to give birth . I also read on NHS website that i am suppost to see only midwife from now onwards but the GP said thsi is not the case! i am confused !How often do you your midwife ?

elliejjtiny Fri 19-Oct-12 19:46:01

In my area for a first baby you see the midwife at 8-10 weeks for booking, dating scan at 12-14 weeks at hospital (hospital midwife checks your wee, BP etc), 16 weeks, anomaly scan at 20-22 weeks at hospital), 25 weeks with the GP, 31 weeks, 34 weeks, 36 weeks, 38 weeks, 40 weeks, 41 weeks. It's different in different areas though. My sister's GP was a lot more involved in her pregnancy than mine was with mine.

sandberry Wed 24-Oct-12 14:08:23

I used to work in St Thomas'. Wait for the midwife appointment and chase them if you don't get it. If you are assigned to 'traditional' care then it is possible you will see a different midwife at many visits but they are trying to reduce this by assigning midwives to each clinic so you could get lucky and see the same one.

St Thomas' also offer caseload care where you get the same midwife all the way through and then that midwife or one of her team who you have met are with you at your baby's birth and see you after the birth too. It depends on your postcode as to which kind of care you get but if you have a strong preference for caseload care, you can ask at your first midwife appointment if your nearest caseload team will take you, which they may if they have spaces. (more likely if you are early in pregnancy)

St Thomas' and most hospitals work on the basis of shared care with some appointments with midwife and some with GP but if you really don't want to see the GP you can ask to see the midwife all the time and most midwives will agree. (or change GP, just go to another surgery and ask to register (or do this after the midwife appointment, ask the midwife who is the best GP in the area)

Clotrimazole is for thrush. So thatd be for your discharge.

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