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trans vaginal scan, steroids and stitches???!!!!

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InTheNightGarden Thu 04-Oct-12 21:17:39

so I'm currently 20+5... I went into labour with my dd at 31weeks and delivered at 32, she also had a duplex kidney (nothing major to worry about at all)although born this early she was absolutely fine and the only reason for her being kept in scbu (special care baby unit) was because she was so diddy.

I'm under consultant care with this pregnancy, I'm going for a trans vaginal scan when I'm 24weeks, anyone know what this is?? I kid you not my consultant is useless and didnt really know himself! I'm extremely close to asking for a different one! they've also mentions giving me steriod injections at 30weeks to mature baby's lungs which I don't have a problem with! they've also mentioned stitching my cervics.....this I'm horrified at!! what on earth??? I've looked into it a little bit and more commonly than not it doesn't work anyway!! is all this reallyyyy necessary when everything is going so well ?? :-/

AuntPepita Thu 04-Oct-12 21:19:50

Trans vag scan = dildo cam! smile Not painful at all.

stickybean Thu 04-Oct-12 21:20:07

A trans vaginal scan is an internal scan. They will use a probe covered with a condom, pop it in and have a look at your cervix from the inside. It doesn't hurt smile good luck.

loveisagirlnameddaisy Thu 04-Oct-12 21:22:53

A trans vaginal scan is an ultrasound performed using a probe inserted into the vagina, rather than on the tummy (abdominal scan). They're usually done in early stages of pregnancy when things may not be detected through the fat and tissue layers of the stomach so not sure why you'd have one at 24 weeks?

Steroids a good idea if baby likely to be born early as this helps to mature lungs. A cervical stitch can be useful if you have a weak or incompetent cervix but this would be taken out prior to delivery.

Sorry for short to the point reply, got to run, but hope this helps. Congrats on your pregnancy!

combinearvester Thu 04-Oct-12 21:22:59

The transvaginal scan at 24 weeks will be to check the cervix is not funnelling / shortening. However they usually do one before this so that later measurements can be checked against a baseline...I guess the funnelling is the key thing.

It sounds like they think you have insufficient cervix. Did you have a quick labour out of nowhere, few contractions, straight to 8cm dilated anything like that with DC1?

Steroid injections is fairly standard after a prem labour before..sometimes they do a fetal fibronectin test, this can predict likelihood of prem labour (though not sure how reliable it is...anyone mentioned this?

InTheNightGarden Thu 04-Oct-12 21:30:13

thanks for the info!! sounds delightful... how embarrassing!!!

combine- that is pretty much exactly how my first labour was after they stopped trying to hold her off!!!
yes having the fibronectin test at 28weeks! my consultant told me that was a blood test lol... he then left the room for 10mins and came back in to then tell me it was a swab haha... hes so useless!!!

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