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Help. Placental mosaicism. Growth retardation. Anyone had this?

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goosey123 Tue 25-Sep-12 20:38:36

Just had an awful phone call that I wasn't prepared for. Initial CVS results clear, but further culture has shown very rare abnormalities. I am going in next week for amnio. I have been given 3 possible scenarios. I suppose the best scenario is this problem is just confined to the placenta (placental mosaicism), but the doc said this leads to probable growth retardation. I wanted to be a bit more prepared for what this means - anyone had this? Good and bad experiences useful. Does it mean baby just a bit small, or definite preterm delivery, or organs not developing, or all or any of the above?

During my conversation with the doctor, I got 2 children out of the bath, cleared up a pile of vomit in the bed from the 2 year old, and dealt with a stubbed toe. So didn't take much in....

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Tue 25-Sep-12 23:45:50

Oh that's hard....I can tell you after a quick google that according to an article on Wiki

Most pregnancies that are diagnosed with confined placental mosaicism continue to term with no complications and the children develop normally.

and this

ntrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) has been reported in a number of CPM cases. In follow-up studies adequate postnatal catch-up growth has been demonstrated, which may suggest a placental cause of the IUGR.[6]

Which seems to suggest that if it is confined to the placenta, the pregnancy and the baby has a good chance of being fine.

goosey123 Wed 26-Sep-12 09:22:42

Oh thanks so much for posting that bigfatlegs (!). I did a bit of reading last night, but got a bit bogged down, and then read something about cerebal palsy in growth retarded infants and stopped after that...

Its the bloody waiting thats unbearable. And just as I am really beginning to show and enjoy feeling the baby move. I suppose thats a positive sign (unless its nervous wind) as the doc said if the baby had a full quota of dodgey chromosomes it wouldn't be alive. But there is a chance it might have some.

Thanks for you reply x

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