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Symmetrically small IUGR baby at 29 weeks - consultants think it is blood flow issue but obsessively worrying about genetic defects...

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Beastycat Thu 13-Sep-12 09:30:34

Hi all,
I would be very grateful for support ,opinions and perhaps reassurance as I am driving myself mad here.

As briefly as i can - baby has been measuring small since 20 week scan, around 5th centile for weight though some measurements are bigger, some slightly smaller including femur. All in all though, symmetrically small for dates.
At 23 weeks, I had a doppler scan that found notching in the uterine artery doppler. Consultant diagnosed impaired blood flow and recorded the baby as Small for Gestational Age.Went back at 27 weeks, baby grown along the curve which is great. Some measurements growth velocity increased slightly including Abdominal Circumference, but not femur which remians below 5th centile. Same situation yesterday at 29 weeks.

The problem is that my google research showed me that one reason for symmetrically small babies is genetic defects. I have been worried about this all along because of the short femur. I havent had an amnio, am 32 years old and combined test results showed low risk at 1/ 7,300. I have also had four anomaly scans with consultants, none of which showed any abnormalities. The consultants never mentioned genetic issues to me, but when i asked yesterday after researching it he said yes it can be a cause, but he thought blood flow most likely issue in view of notching at 23 weeks. He said i can have amnio if i want, but it carries risks and at this point there is not much we could do anyway.I just dont know if i can obsess about this for another 10 weeks, and feel like i need to know - but equally dont think i can bear to risk hurting the baby.

Thats it really, sorry for long post - any help SO gratefully received. Others in my situation that i have found online chose to have amnio at an earlier stage, which i wish i had considered now.
Thanks all,

minceorotherwise Thu 13-Sep-12 09:34:58

Sorry, no experience of this but did want to bump
Sounds like just a small baby to me
What heights are you and your partner?

Beastycat Thu 13-Sep-12 09:40:47

Hi there - should have mentioned this - I am really REALLY tall, 6ft - husband is 5"10 - so no reassurance to be had there :-(

minceorotherwise Thu 13-Sep-12 09:46:19

Ok. The consultant has said he thinks it points to a blood flow issues, and remember he does this stuff everyday. It's more than likely he is right. But if you are really concerned then why not book another detailed scan (fetal med centre) and have a good discussion with them, possible causes, outcomes etc
They should be able to tell you statistically, with the history of the notching etc, what percentages of births with your history had what outcome IYSWIM
I wouldn't be looking at amino at this stage unless they really recommend it

plasticbox Thu 13-Sep-12 11:00:19

I dont want to give you false hope but I had this,I have said on another growth thread. I worried myself silly as it was due to my high blood pressure (a cause of restricted blood flow)
She was born at a perfectly healthy weight over 8lb even though she was early. She was small in length (legs head etc) but it was equal as yours is. She is still small in stature and has always worn 2 sizes smaller clothes than her age but.... She is perfectly healthy apart from asthma (in the family) and is top of her class in all subjects. She is just short!
Try not to worry as that will raise your blood pressure and make things worse

plasticbox Thu 13-Sep-12 11:01:13

Oh and her dad is way over 6ft smile

armedtotheteeth Thu 13-Sep-12 11:10:23

I worried myself silly about this with dd2. Eventually I was induced 1 day before my due date as they were still concerned about growth. She was born just below 2nd centile but in proportion and perfect. She is now 3 and still in 18-24 month clothes!

Dd1 was average size, Dh is 6ft but there are some very small genes further back on both sides of the family so I guess dd2 is a bit of a throwback smile

Hopefully everything will turn out well for you too - it's a good sign that the baby's in proportion.

Beastycat Thu 13-Sep-12 11:40:59

Minceorotherwise thanks for that advice - I think i will try Fetal Medicine Centre and see what they recommend.
Thanks also Plasticbox and armedtotheteeth for your replies, its very reassuring to hear positive stories! Am glad to hear im not the only one who worries obsessively in this situation!

Ilovedaintynuts Thu 13-Sep-12 11:59:37

I worried myself silly with a similar thing with DD2. I'm 5'8", DH is 6' 4".
I was small for dates and DD2 had small femurs (can't remember the centile).

As she was my 3rd and I had previously had two 8lb babies who had quickly grown to be on the 91st centile I was convinced there might be a problem.

I refused any test other than nuchal fold and 20 week scan (both were fine) as I didn't want an amnio. And I was 38.

DD2 was born at exactly 8lb like her brother and sister. Completely healthy but with little short-arse legs like my MIL.

She is now two and physically 'different' to my other two. Dainty. Small boned. Her sister looks mutant compared to her.

Good luck,it's all such a worry isn't it? X

brettgirl2 Thu 13-Sep-12 13:09:07

If your DH is 5'10 then he isnt exactly tall is he? It sounds likely that its blood flow plus a baby who takes after him so was never going to be massive. Me and DH are both 5'10 and dd1 was 6lb15oz and is still 25th centile for weight (although she is 50th for height).

Dd1 due to local customised growth charts was apparently SGA. I've always been glad the first person to comment on her tinyness was the midwife who delivered her.

If you really are worried then have the amnio if its been offered. It is worth it just to put your mind at rest.

Sneezecakesmama Sun 21-Oct-12 10:13:00

I believe that notches in the uterine arteries in the second trimester can lead to small for date babies and indicate a higher risk of pre eclampsia. Did your doc prescribe a low dose aspirin? I think this improves the blood simply to the placenta/baby and helps prevent pre eclampsia.

nancyli2010 Fri 04-Jan-13 10:58:33

Hi, beastycat

I am in the exactly same situation as you was months ago. Would you please tell me whether you did the fluid test after all and how is the baby now?

Best wishes.

Trishala Sat 16-Nov-13 00:42:32

hello every1
i am 31 week 2 days pregnent. i ve diagnosis by baby with syymitracial iugr in 28 week . babies growth was 5% on 28 th week scan. on 30 th week scan % was same but dr said baby is growing with normal aminiotic fluid , gud fetul movements and other finding normal. i was littlle relaxed. but last 2 days was feeling less fetus movement so went for scanning n dr said baby AC has declined.241.7 to 230.0 which is a matter of concern. she put me on nst and given steroids. she told me to again for 2 does of steroids n nst n scan. she ll do the delivery by this week within my 32 week end or 33 week start. dont understand what should i do?

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