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Too late for surgical termination

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Zoofina Wed 05-Sep-12 15:48:11

Could anyone tell me what happens during induced labour ? I am only 14 weeks but too late for surgical removal .
Im so scared .
We have made the hardest decision to let our baby go .

Pizdets Wed 05-Sep-12 16:39:53

Zoofina, I replied to your other post but wanted to also reply here.

I can't give you advice on medical termination but wanted to let you know it is not too late for a surgical termination...I had one at 17+6 at an NHS hospital. We chose this option as it was my first pregnancy and I could not face the idea of labour under our circumstances.

I would very strongly recommend calling ARC (ante-natal tests and choices, I can't remember the url but you can google them). I wasn't sure how they could help me but called them to find out more about termination options and found they give very calm, impartial and supportive advice.

Best of luck to you, this is a horrible time.


manitz Wed 05-Sep-12 17:32:38

i will message you.

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