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issue with blood tests

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hugahuddy Sat 01-Sep-12 22:03:55

Please can i ask for some advice? I'm nearly 17 weeks pregnant and have had all blood tests offered. There was a delay with the results so midwife chased them last week and said no news is good news, they'll only be in touch if there's an issue. They've been in touch and i have an appointment on the 18th September which they've said can last 1-2 hours, i assume this must be bad news to need so long, however, does anyone know of any less sinister reasons as to why i might be called to hospital after blood tests?? we're sort of freakin out....

freshfruitsalad Sat 01-Sep-12 23:40:11

I'm surprised they didn't say over the phone, can you call them back demanding to know what the problem is as time is of the essence to many people
They called us to give us our risk factor, didn't get an appointment was all fine over the phone

freshfruitsalad Sat 01-Sep-12 23:41:37

To add
At over 2 weeks away... I think if bloods were that bad they would have had you in sooner... Still worth a call though. Good luck x

Swanlike Fri 21-Sep-12 09:04:02

Hmm, I've had some odd blood test results which the obstetrician took 7 weeks to refer me to the consultant haematologist.
The consultants are still debating what to do, whilst I'm hoping that they'll do something before the baby comes as there are serious implications for my health as well as the baby's. So not to worry you too much, but timing on the NHS does not seem to correlate to how serious your problems are. Anyway, at least they're seeing you soon. I've been told that I will
not be seen until November despite the results indicating that I'm now at high risk of late miscarriage and DVT and my condition being eminently treatable to avoid both of those outcomes. Everything is going ok so far so far so I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that this will continue and that they will see me before I give birth as I'm now apparently at a high risk of having a stroke afterwards if I remain untreated.

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