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What do you think the chances are? Amnio related question...

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nosleepwithworry Sat 25-Aug-12 09:41:58

Ive had the 1st set of results back & thay are all clear,

Ive read up a little bit and i believe that the 2nd set are full kariotyping.

During the investigations into re occuring miscarriage, DH & i had kariotyping assay done.
These results were all normal.
Is the kariotyping for the baby likely to be fine too, because DH & i were all ok?

Just musing really. Wel, trying to calm and reassure myself that they will come back ok.

Thanks x

LittlePoot Sat 25-Aug-12 18:46:50

Congratulations on your clear results so far. I've been through all that myself so I know how nerve wracking it all is. The quick results look for the most common chromosome changes and other bits so those were by far your highest risks. Karyotyping is the name used for looking at the whole set of chromosomes in the baby rather than just the ones that cause downs, Edwards, patau and Turner syndromes. So unfortunately, the fact that you and your partners chromosomes were ok doesn't necessarily mean bubba's are. But, very importantly, the common problems all show up with the initial results so while it is possible a new problem will show up in the full results, its really really really unlikely so please let yourself relax, at least a little bit! Good luck for a lovely uneventful rest of your pregnancy. x

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