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unwanted pregnancy

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HotPatooties Thu 16-Feb-12 09:58:14

Please help. i am 24 and 7weeks pregnant. I dont want to have this baby. what are my choices. please please advice I live at home and there is no room here. my partner does not work and I am panicked, what do I need to do and how much is a termination??

louismummy Thu 16-Feb-12 10:01:07

it is free if you see your gp.

AngryBeaver Thu 16-Feb-12 10:13:35

Is there anyone you can talk to? A friend?Your Mum? Listen,if you know you don't/can't have this baby,it is ok.You can see your gp,they will help you,you won't have to pay. Hope you are ok,please don't panic,you will be fine x

justhayley Tue 21-Feb-12 11:43:19

Terminations are free on the NHS. Go to your GP or local brook advisory clinic and they will take you through the steps.
Hope your ok. Xxx

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